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Dolo & The Alley Angel Ready To Freq The Twin Cities

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Jeru The Damaja hasn’t said much about DJ Khaled playing himself as he does. Maybe he’s too busy redefining the culture in 2016 like back in the day. Or, maybe he doesn’t want any credit for implanting the slogan with what is arguably the hottest track of the early east coast driven 90s, Playin Yaself. Too many emcees play themselves these days to the point where it no longer matters that there aren’t enough mics, because no one is rocking them.

On the contrary, the generation coming after Golden Era bliss is busy bobbing to Drake and the millennials just want to be left the fuck alone to be colorful, pop pills, and mumble while dabbing on a hoe. Whatever the vibe just don’t hide is what we say. No judgement, just painting the picture of the room. Now, look at the doorway beyond the turntables. See that glow? Enter The Black Frequencies, balance keepers, rhyme slayers, ink pen wielding harmony heroes from everywhere and no where at the same time. Just kidding, Emcee, Aphropik moved to Minneapolis from Nashville where she linked with Minnesota native, Dolo The Singer in 2014 to create, TBF, a singer/songwriter and performance duo with an emphasis on conscious soul.


In 2004, Aphropik’s debut release, Abracadabra & Other Magic Words was a staple in rotation in the few underground music outlets existing in Tennessee at that time. Any hip-hop snob worth their Kush will tell you the hustle was invented in the south. Open Mics and local clubs were frequented and Pik shelled cds out the back pack while honing the craft. 4 cozy, prose laden releases later, Minneapolis met Aphropik with a frigid folding of arms and a shaking of the head in 2013.

The Minneapolis music scene dawned random jewels like Dolo and fate would have the two of them meet to form The Black Frequencies. 2015’s Brown Signs & Black Paradigms boasted frequently performed songs like Bangin Baldheads and the title track.


Stay tuned for more in 2017 from The Black Frequencies as the vibes of the times continues to beckon new music and creative ideas.

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