The Black Frequency Sheets

Crowdfunding has done a ton for independent artist production in recent years. Everyone from De La Soul to Boondocks creator, Aaron McGruder have rummaged the internet’s coffers with the hopes of breaking even. The last release from TBF front woman, Aphropik, was 2015’s Brown Signs & Black Paradigms, and featured production from Beat Kang Boomz and vocals from Dolo.


The recent social upheavals in America, you know, the whole shoot-to-kill edict currently in place for black and brown people by the blue boys, is a major theme of the album. Thanks to the generous support of friends, the album was released only 3 months after the originally scheduled date which many indy fans will note means that it dropped early!

Check out the title track featuring Dolo The Singer of The Black Frequencies here

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