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The Black Freq Sheets Are Pressed To Impress in 2017

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It was a long and stormy year. Heads rolled as the bells tolled. Don’t fret just yet because The Alley Angel and Dolo have fused their gifts to go for dolo and people! So people, wipe the New Year’s crud from your mug and get focused. There we go. Hang out and come back often for a frequent tuning and tweeking on the path to the truth we’re all seeking. Give us a turn and see if we don’t have what you’re looking for in between Social Media rubs. #haha



Peep The Black Freq Sheets 2017 Music Cheat Sheet for a ready-to-go even on-the-go toolkit of grooves you can use. This isn’t your karaoke DJ’s top 20 either. This is a very intentional list of musical selections with a goal of balancing you for maximum productivity and effectiveness in your universe. Oh yes. I’m talking soul stirring, spirit calibrating music that will make you jump around like you have to use it. These tunes are intoxicating to the extent of loveliness… #can #you #dig #it (The Black Freq Sheets is still learning to use hashtags correctly in 2017… stay tuned)

Carlos Deford Bailey had a choice. He could have used his given name but instead chose to take that of his grandfather, Country Music pioneer, Deford Bailey. At the time, Carlos was building a budding Country Music career while fighting the fight of his life. His grandfather, Deford Bailey, the harmonica prodigy, was the only founding member of The Grand Ole Opry that wasn’t inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame up until 2005. Not only did Deford Bailey help paint the great Tennessee landscape with country sound, but he was also a medical miracle having contracted polio at the age of 3, the same year he learned the harmonica. With his grandfather resting peacefully knowing his legacy is secure, Carlos is ready to once again take the reins. ‘Wiggle It’ is his latest single with rapper, CFO. That’s right, the Bailey’s have gone Hick-Hop and Carlos recently took The Black Freq Sheets along for the ride. Stay tuned for the upcoming feature in January 2017.



Tebe Zalango is a tree. He is a classically trained musician that doesn’t know how to stop. Stop growing that is. Tebe grows like a tree that is realizing his roots. Tebe’s art and story will be presented in an upcoming feature in February. As always, stay (in) tune. The Black Freq Sheets’ interview with Tebe Zalango is in the oven cooking and it smells like Frank Incense.






It would be hella hot if he’d put out a Tenth Year Anniversary joint but that probably won’t happen since he is about done playing with you summamabeches. South Louisiana born and bred conscious emcee, Mouchee Deeki, dropped his first album 10 years ago and has been handling ‘bidness’ er’sense. Be sure to skim the sheets for the latest Deeki dets and find out what’s next for the underground creole king. Lean your seat back as you read this February 2017.


La Belle Noir Noir means The Beautiful Black Black and is a poetic performance arts experience. Patriq James is the artist bold enough to travel to the deep depth and high height of black black. This feature will be interesting af! You should probably not miss it. Check back around late January, early February-ish… what? You already missed the first of five installments of La Belle Noir Noir last November  2016 so naaaannnh! *Raspberry


Beats On Deck is the moniker of one of the illest SoundCloud producers to date! Clarksville, Tennessee is a military town and home of the 101st Airborn, 100 Black Men of Tennessee and Beats On Deck. No wonder this Sound-bombing SoundClouder punches a drum machine with militant precision. But don’t mistake him for your millennial, push button producer. Beats On Deck has his musicianship in check and is ready to produce your next project. Here’s a taste for your face til Black Love month this February 2017.



Jason Cortez paints what he wants. Because he is a rule breaker.


He has a gift. Period. The gifted is a different breed and should be distinguished from the merely talented. Does anyone have a problem with that? Good. The truth is that Carlo Vontee ‘Augo goes where no one will. Many have dared, but no one did. Here his story with no waiting to it. The Black Freq Sheets got right tf on it because we felt the spirit of ‘Augo, do you?

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