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the smear campaign on BLM — violetwisp

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It’s an important enough topic to be addressed from pulpits and podiums throughout… the world. Black Lives Matter has become both a warrior cry and a reason to furrow blonde brows. It’s a matter of perspective like everything else. If you are white, you may or may not understand the reasons for such a loud rallying pitch for black lives to effing matter. If you’re black, you almost always understand and never even question the necessity of such a statement to be made in 2017.

Historically, white power has equaled black oppression. A white guy raises a white fist and yells White Power! Everyone scatters… including many of the whites.

Black power fists raised and Black Power being yelled will usually insight the opposite. Everyone, red, blonde, and black afro alike will likely join in to raise a fist and chant along.

Black power has nevered equaled white oppression.

The Black Freq Sheets is finished with the debate but why don’t we see what they had to say over at violetwisp.

My pastor’s views are still developing (which is not the same undeveloped) on all the related issues, but yesterday he explicitly denounced “Black Lives Matter” as an ungodly secular movement whose objectives are at mortal odds with the biblical mission of the church and exhorted his congregation to stay away. He also rejects critical race […]

via the smear campaign on BLM — violetwisp

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