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Urban Soul Cafe Presents Spoken Soul Lounge to Nashville

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It is interesting to note how the word ‘Urban’ has been used in recent years. It has a certain inference that marketers and promoters appear to be aware of based on their maximal use to advertise everything from yoga studios to ice cream shops. When an entertainment venue use the term it usually connotes a certain Afro-centric vibe and cultural consciousness. The shit be when you go to one of these joints and the vibe is all contrived and forced and the incense smell synthetic smdh. Of course there’s always that one cat with razor bumps around his soulpatch in a checkered paperboy hat on the mic like ‘Beautiful Nubian sister with the real tight, real right, out of sight, Frooooooooo, I write real faaaaaaaaaaaast but talk so slooooooooooooow’ *snap *snap *snap

The Black Freq Sheets can’t promise that guy won’t be at Spoken Soul Lounge this Saturday night but we can tell you there will be plenty of hot poets to drown his ass out. How bout that? The night is lined with Nashville legends and poets that will remind you why you love Spoken Word so much.

92Q’s DJ Levi will be spinning, doors open at 7pm at The Studio Nashville. Don’t miss it and don’t forget to come back to The Black Freq Sheets and leave a review in the comment section.



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