Talk About Bad 2016

And we mean bad as in bad not bad as in good in case it wasn’t clear.

30 somethings can attest to a time when bad meant good and we flipped slang on its head but The Black Freq Sheets is here to make it clear that bad is officially back to its old self again.

badBefore 2016 fades into the rear view, let’s recap, introspect, and prepare ourselves for forward motion.

High racial tensions are back again as well. It appears that once a conversation gets going about anything contentious, tensions flare. Go figure?  Hopefully, this means we are at a turning point and this is the big face-off before the traditional fairy tale ending. Before we can wrap our shiny new America in a bow and think of handing it down to the next generation, let’s take a moment to sit in our collective realism. Let’s talk about Bad 2016! #Pressplay #Keepfreqin’

Trump! Apologies for any newcomers unfamiliar with the TBFS cut-to-chase writing style but that mofo mucked 2016 the muck up majorly. If it wasn’t for that ass hat, well… we’d probably be wearing a balls beret right now instead so… what’s the point in talking politics, let’s talk about us. What are we going to do about Trump?! o-0

There were the flighters and the fighters. Celebrities and blue-collar workers alike threatened to flee to Canada if he was elected. Yep, Canada. We threatened to abandon ship and move to Canada like it was some ugly ex-girlfriend we could pick up and put down at leisure. There were others resolute to change an outdated Electoral College system, somehow legislating a recount, and even a recall of the election. None of those things worked and we were left to sit in the ailment of having what we disgustingly did in private, now be displayed for the world to see and judge… oh the shame!

Rather than slump into some post-Trump traumatic distress and passive-aggressively lash out or forget that Harriet Tubman, John Brown, Nat Turner, and a whole lotta other El Hajj Malik Shabazz, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, and a whooole lotta other, Mahalia Jackson, Sweet Mama Stringbean, Nina Simone, and a whole lotta other folk fought so we can live and enjoy right tf here. We shouldn’t allow any one mofo to stop us from our pursuant of happiness and greater love, unity, peace and motherfucking harmony ya dig? #Pressplay #Keepfreqin’

Exercise was a key factor in physical and mental health last year as always. If you got enough of it, chances are you got more than enough and if you didn’t do much, chances are you did next to nothing. Last year was the year of extremes for sure. Everything was either to the max or not at all. Even Mercury took it’s time and had all of it’s possible four retrograde periods and hopefully the eighth of January comes before you say the unspeakable to your last best friend and wake up lame and confused on the ninth. Remember when Prince passed? What was that? Mercury was retrograding and the Queen of England was parading but The Black Freq Sheets aren’t insinuating anything. We are flat-out saying that things were falling tf apart in 2016. The center could not hold…again.

Prince left Minneapolis to mourn the passing of his presence but definitely not his gifts and music. Not just Minneapolis, the entire world stopped for Prince in a kingly demonstration of grief and great gratitude. Walk through even a Minneapolis residential neighborhood and see a sidewalk square colored purple or random mailboxes and light poles dedicated to the music man. As a matter of fact, ask certain Prince loyalist and they’ll tell you that he didn’t pass away at all, even though he’d die for us, he became music instead.

Alley Angel/Prince’s Alley in Minneapolis by Deja Hodges

We learned that he had a family, most prominently, his sister and that he didn’t leave a Will. We heard that Jay-Z wanted to buy his catalog and even “borrowed” it to broadcast on Tidal. That’s a shit ton of exposure for a guy that was rumored to live a private life. Rumors are called that for a reason though. It’s kind of like that whole thing with gay people coming out of the closet. Is their sexuality a secret just because YOU don’t know about it? Minneapolis natives didn’t hold much of a protest against having his Paisley Parks Studios turned into a museum. The tickets sold out fast and lines formed for the rest of the world to sneak a peek at his princely palace to almost no protest.

If you attended a Minneapolis public school, you probably took a field trip to Paisley Park and have likely either seen or met Prince yourself. Truth is, Prince saved it for the stage and we all know it was worth the wait. He was also “rumored” to have been working on a Netflix reality show prior to his passing. If you lived in or are from Minnesota, chances are, your Prince exposure peaked years ago and you’re wanting everyone to stfu so you can mourn in peace. #trueshit

The musical genius and multi-instrumentalist was careful to leave a legacy of sound that will last us well into the millennia and that is a good thing because there isn’t much of a selection to choose from any more. Many would agree that the current selections available to the non-inquiring mind is scant to say the least. This is as good as time as any to talk about the butterfly in the room. WTF was up with Mariah Carey? In what realm does Mariah not bend the back of a bow to pierce the eye of a needle of a note from her bedazzled cocoon on stage? Did we just get punk’d? The Ashton Kutcher dude is a father now. As a matter of fact, he is married to the girl from That 70s Show. Who would of thunk it? The future is getting weird af and pretty soon up will be left and down with be the other side of town. If you think this freq is freaking-out then explain this: #wewillwait

And back to Prince. Now, his wardrobe was a next level story. It will be interesting to see who has the physique to pull off a Prince ensemble garnered at auction in the upcoming awards season. Chances are, it’ll be a female physique. Speaking of which, gender ambiguity was another point of contention in 2016. The Great Bathroom Debates will forever live in infamy like the first time we all saw that poop freshener commercial on Youtube… what tf was that? Are they seriously advertising poop freshner on buses and billboards now? We are IN THE FUTURE!

Anyways, boys were dressing like girls a lot in 2016. We all saw it creeping on a come up with those long white-tees. Andre 3000 trying to tell everybody but no one heard him apparently because not only is there a Clairol color number and dred head prerequisite for millennial rappers, but the ‘shirt’ has to fall below the knee and the ‘pants’ must be tights tight to be in proper etiquette guidelines. The Black Freqs Sheets pose the question: Is every new rapper with dreds for the falls? Let’s not try to be so caught up in appearance moving into 2017 people. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. #truershit #Pressplay #Keepfreqin

The spirit is forever. There isn’t any data that it’s the type of energy that changes forms. It just is. Isn’t it infinite? 2016 asked us to ponder a lot of heavy shit. Not only did technology seek to put an end to the Print Industry (which isn’t surprising since cursive writing was removed from public schools), but they want to put potters out of business too! What the bloodclot! Rock Johnsen and other potters need a movement. The Black Freq Sheets will be here for it when you all are ready to get it popping. Imagine that scene in Ghost with a 3D printer? C’mon son! Art feeds life. Does America even WANT to make anything anymore? *sigh A little irony is that reading books or even a short article is also a good way to take your mind off the notorious bull that comes your way. Just try to exercise a little selective selecting if you will.

In 2016, there were lots of books that came to distract us from or push us further into the oftentimes mind cramping fodder in the ether. Eyebrows on constant furrow, that little pain in your temple creeping in and out, hands constantly outstretched like a crucifixion thinking WTF in perpetuity. People existed as statues of these things in 2016 and the only book that shook the masses (or perhaps just The Black Freqs) from molasses was Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story. That’s right! If you haven’t already flipped it open then you’re welcome. Start your New Year like a boss and come back and visit The Black Freq Sheets often. Enough of dwelling in the past, let’s buckle down and use it for gas! #toinfinity #Pressplazay

Keep freqin’

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