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Fringe Radio Show Is Safe Space For Hip-Hop In Nashville

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Call us Hip-hop fascist! We dgaf!

What we are, are some hot damn sesquipedalian, colloquial polymaths on some Cat in The Hat type shyt

The Black Freq Sheets is here for all the trending news you give AF about. That’s why we’ve linked with outlets like Word On The Street and Fringe Radio Show to help us keep you updated.

The Fringe Radio Show broadcasts live every Monday at 6:00pm (Central) on Radio Free Nashville 103.7 FM (which is also streaming online at


It is nearly impossible to talk about any other genre of music in Nashville without paying respects to Country. There, we mentioned it. Now on to Hip-Hop… Keep it real: Radio has sucked diseased boy-wood for over a decade, some may argue even longer. iTunes, Amazon and streaming services has given power for consumers to create personalized programming making radio almost obsolete. Key word, almost. If you ask Brandy or The Black Freq Sheets, almost doesn’t count. Insert The Fringe Radio Show on and you have yourself an answer to the decades long, mundane, repetitive af, commercialized radio’s mind numbing programming debacle.

The Fringe Radio Show Host, Al D Words with Rapper, Top Notch of IIIrd Class

Hip-hop Duo, Al-D Words and E.T. Got Soul, alternate hosting The Fringe Radio Show and presenting gifted Hip-hop artists and musicians. Recent broadcasts featured emcees, Malcolm DeWayne, Pow Shadowz, aband called Cobalt Blue, and TBFS favorite Top Notch of IIIrd Class.

The trendsetting duo has dedicated entire broadcasts to legendary pioneers of the craft like A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, and The Fugees. Fans can support releases of seasonal samplers of artists featured throughout the year. The latest 2016 Fall/Winter Sampler includes Nashville emcee Jeni Calhoun, The Shadowtones, Nam White, of course Al-D and E.T. and more.

The Fringe Radio Show is broadcasting media for The Nashville Fringe Festival, the goal of which is to celebrate the diversity of Nashville artists. We here at The Black Freq Sheets LOVE to feature diverse artists! We’ve linked with The Fringe Radio Show to provide you the illest Hip-Hop Music that Nashville has to offer. That’s right! The Black Freq Sheets do not seek to compete with the off fleek, this is strictly for folk living on the after beat.

Be sure to check back for a new episode each week. Look forward to the full length feature interview with artist, Al D Words, and the alternative Reggae/Hip-hop group, Cobalt Blue.

Episode February 6, 2017 Hosted by E.T.’s Local Hip-Hop Playlist

The Fringe Radio Show Host and Hip-hop Artist, E.T.

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