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2017 Battle Royale: Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy Fight For The Future

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…& The Remasculinization of Men In Music?

We aren’t sure what to call this bullshit but The Black Freq Sheets are HERE for whatever it is…

A sausage contest at an ego fest?

Isn’t that what this is all about? Who has the biggest bank account? Soulja boy liked a picture on Karrueche’s Instagram and now they gotta fight. Everyone knows Karrueche belongs to Chris. Forever and ever. Never mind they ended relations years ago when Chris had a baby on her. Never mind that Chris has matured from domestic violence, women-beater reputation to grown man coke head rumors. Soulja liked a pic and needs to be put in proper check. But in this age of twitter fingers and money phones, the colorfully dredlocked, millennial masses are not hiking up their skinny jeans to square up with their thumbs up. Hell nah, son! They gotta hit the gym first!

The Black Freq Sheets have not been hacked. This post is intentional and promises to go somewhere freq’ishly delicious. After all, in light of recent events, everyone has got to take pride in the fact that they are fighting with gloves, not guns. We caught wind of the Chris Brown Vs. Soulja beef and was slightly amused. But then… oh but then smh insert emotionally damaged, former world champion boxer, Adrien Broner into the debacle and we were all the way here for it! Add, retired, undefeated World Champion and the biggest ego in boxing, Floyd Money Mayweather, and we are staying through the last round! The Money Team headmaster himself signed on to promote and train Soulja Boy?

In a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Mayweather claims, “The best way to resolve any problem is to do it the old school way…physical.” Although Soulja is under the Money Team professional boxing banner, Mayweather avoids loser and winner predictions, asserting, “I think it will be real entertaining. I think that Soulja Boy is an unbelievable entertainer as well as Chris Brown…”

Soulja Boy cleared up snitch rumors in the interview claiming his bank account accounted for his quick release and no, he didn’t sing like Chris Brown while he kept his eyes wide open all the time as he walked his county line lmbo! Apologies but did you see this Al B Sure NOT TO ass panda bear face talking about “I walked my county line!” Check out the main play-by-plays below in DJ Akademiks post.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, OKAY! What the deal with the glitz and million dollar promotional package around a supposed man-to-man, hand-to-hand squabble? THAT PART! This is turning out to be more than a schoolboy tussle but if Chris feels like Soulja fronted on his girl then he needs to drop his bookbag and get ta squabbing out here in the skreets. It apparently runs deeper than Karrueche.

Apparently and according to Soulja, for what it’s worth, he had Rihanna. Did he sleep with Rihanna or did he chill with Rihanna or did he smoke with Rihanna? We don’t know and clearly Soulja was intentionally vague in letting us in on the details. Watch the entire Hollywood Unlocked video above for the story according to middle-aged millennial megastar, Soulja Boy.

It’s been obvious for some time that Soulja Boy is causing purposeful controversy and controversy on purpose. He has beefed with several other rappers that TBFS are ashamed to know the names of including, Quavo of Migos and Lil Yachty. What is the point? To collect millions of dollars in revenue from ads and boosted sales of mumble music, novelty products and limited time only, fashion accessories. Green money made from black bodies mercilessly pounding each other with words… now fists…same old story.

fabMillennials have paraded or seizure’d their way pass us 30 somethings to our shock, amazement and often bewilderment. In case you’ve been participating in age-appropriate activities, let us be the ones to tell you that Chris and Soulja have started a new age Battle Royal with another male artists jumping into the melee every Ista-minute.

The battle of the Savages will ensue as the under card to the big Chris Brown Vs Soulja brawl. Don’t be alarmed if you have never heard of either Savage. They just got here and are already causing quit the media stir… not really… but it is great fodder for this brand new blog beast-in-training!

Oh yea… Check out grown ass, old ass, 50 pushing 60 years old, 50 cent in this tidbit…

We aren’t sure when the Battle Royal will take place but just to recap: Rapper, Soulja Boy and singer, Chris Brown is going to fight in a professional style boxing match at a date yet to be announced. The fight started when Soulja liked Chris Brown ex-girlfriend, Karrueche’s picture on social media. Soulja hinted that Chris hasn’t liked him since he spent time with Rihanna after he ‘put hands on her’ back in the day.

Soulja is represented by Mayweather Promotions and being trained by Floyd Mayweather…we think. We’re not sold on the training part. Chris on the other hand is being represented by Floyd Mayweather’s old nemesis and G-Unit founder, 50 Cent. Chris will be trained by former Heavyweight of the world, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson? Wait. GTFOH! Holyfield ear-biting ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson? The athletic powerhouse with a fist registered as a lethal weapon that’s so legendarily ill with it his moniker has to go IN FRONT OF his gubment name, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson? *scratchingourheads


The Black Freq Sheets are here to pinch the world. WE ARE IN THE FUTURE. No! Get it out of your mind that this will be the Tyson Vs Mayweather match of your boxing wet dreams. We all know that Chris and Soulja couldn’t stack-up to Tyson and Mayweather in cartoon form let alone real life. But the Chris Brown Vs Soulja does appear to be happening in real life. And double nope! There is nothing particularly masculine about any of it. We just thought it’d be appropriate to start the conversation or keep it going since the feminization of black boys was such a hot button issue last year.

Either way, we are here for this and you…

Check out what other ‘celebrities’ (can’t even type that without lol’in in 2017) are saying about the 2017 Music Battle Royale:

In case you have a life, be sure to check this post for updates. The Black Freq Sheets will be here with the latest dets from these messy media streets and alleyways are our specialty…

Keep Freqin’

TBFS UPDATE 1/10/2016 – 2017 Music Battle Royale

Sooooooooo… Ummmmmmmm… Breaking News?

Well, the internet didn’t exactly break but it should be noted that ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson apparently recorded a dis to Soulja Boy and the 2017 Music Battle Royale is heating up once more. If you aren’t too distracted with the country’s impending doom, perhaps you’ve taken a moment to investigate the internet’s new year saga.

To catch you up, Chris Brown challenged Soulja Boy to a boxing match after he liked a picture of Karrueche and at the behest of former middleweight champion, Adrien Broner. AB’s estranged father-in-mitten, Floyd Mayweather, took over the reigns and is now “training” rapper, Soulja Boy. G-Unit founder, 50 Cent is representing Chris Brown and Mike Tyson is serving up the training regimen…along with some hot fire.

1484015108_df3869c3c8b38c26ccfc00217cb1eee3We aren’t saying he’s Dylon but the man deserves some credit for going all in for his main man, Chris Breezy. It’s more than the salt-and-peppered, wild fire hair having man used to do for Mike. He wasn’t even training him, everyone knows Cus D’Amato checks that box. Whatever Don King did, Mike is doubling down. Again, whoever remembers Roy Jones need to get that shit out of your mind. Uuuuunleeeessss… It’s not too late for Mr. Jones to make an entrance, unless he done smoked and drank himself crazy that is.

Come back and check for more updates on TBFS. We’ll get through this together…

Keep Freqin’

Apologies if you’re discontented at the realization that The Black Freq Sheets isn’t all the way here for the 2017 Music Battle Royale (and we’re the ones that gave it the name smdh). Welp, we did want to keep our promise to keep you all up to date on the goings on even though the vibes are making our collective teeth hurt. We will continue to do our best to wade this simp storm til either Chris knocks Soulja out or Soulja distracts and squeeze every last dime out of this publicity. Speaking of publicity stunts, why is Soulja shouting out random states? The gag is… they actually passed on him… what do you mean, what do we mean? Check it out for yourself.

Sooooo now where and when exactly is this fight? We here at The Black Freq Sheets are ready to go right now but as promised we will begrudgingly be back to keep you posted. #butwewillrefrain #fromputtingourfoots #inourmouths #everagain #thisissomeseriously #dumbshit #smdh #wearestill #learninghow #hashtagswork

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