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Carlos Deford Bailey Kicks The Raw Hick-Hop

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Carlos Deford Bailey sparked a Hick-hop movement and The Black Freq Sheets is HERE for it!

Get ready to switch out your designer buckles. Carlos promises to take us on a wiggly-ride that’ll hit our harvest moon hearts with a touch of The Boom Bap.

but don’t look forward to this Keeper of Legacy to shake his Country roots no time soon.


Eyes have seen and ears have heard the whitewashing of Country Music through the years. The Black Freq Sheets won’t waste your pupil paces on delving up the many examples of Black People Making It and White People Taking It. Enter Deford Bailey, the child virtuoso turned Country Music pioneer. Not only was he the most influential harmonica player of the early part of the 20th century, but he was the first to play the Grand Ole Opry of any race or nationality and even inspired the legendary venue name.

carlosdThe reason you may have never heard of Bailey is also not going to be pontificated in these Sheets. We try to avoid stating the obvious but if you are interested in the fine details feel free to do your research. Otherwise, Carlos Deford Bailey, grandson of Deford Bailey, answered it in a nutshell, ‘It was Jim Crow!’ Deford Bailey was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005 due to the much ado spearheaded by Carlos Deford Bailey, a Country star and the grand ole progenitor of Country Hick-Hop music. #Youreadthatright #Rereaditifyouhaveto #StillsaysHickHop

Carlos took the time to chat recently with TBFS about the music legacy he represents, his new music, and we couldn’t let him go without taking a class in Hick-hop 201 (we skipped a grade due to the fulfillment of prerequisite qualifications, we ARE Hip-hop). From what we gathered, this isn’t your Tim McGraw slaw meets Nelly Nestle Crunch munch. This here, is a true-to-form, generational and genre, Hip-hop and Country iron clash.

“I met him at a birthday party about a year ago. He’d come up with some guys out of Atlanta that was managing him. They heard the country version and wanted to take it to Hip-hop. I told him that we would elaborate on that and we did and that’s how it turned it out,” explained Carlos from his home in Tennessee.

cfoddfocarlosThe ‘version’ he mentioned was of the new dance single, Wiggle It, that Carlos insists is still Country but with a touch of something else. What exactly? Hip-hop is what. Hip-hop music is an age-old bedfellow of Country music at this point. The Blues, Gospel, Country, Hip-hop, and Jazz all share common ancestry and stem from a need to express spirit and emotions, oftentimes of pain and sorrow. A lot of which ironically comes from artists not receiving equal pay or any pay for their contributions let alone Hall of Fame recognition.

“Back then, they didn’t want them to write their own songs. They wanted them to come in and sing songs that they’d written. I know that granddaddy didn’t get paid what they got paid. He traveled throughout the south with Minnie Pearl. And if you really look at country music today they don’t talk about them,” remembered Carlos. “My granddaddy was the first that made a recording for the Grand Ole Opry. He has a 26 song cd out right now as we speak.”

A growing list of music achievements is ensuring Carlos’ place in our hearts and making him a household name. A ticket to a Carlos Deford Bailey show is money well spent and fans up top are looking forward to the raw Hick-hop bubbling in America’s smoky belly. “Actually, I’m an entertainer. I like entertaining people and I used to dance a lot. When I was doing R&B I sung with different celebrities. Once I did country music it kind of slowed down and I walked the stage. I don’t dance as nearly as much as I used to with the band. I pretty much put all I can into it and burn energy off the crowd.”

The Bailey family is littered with understatements. Wiggle It is a jam packed Hick-hop fiesta that you cannot watch sitting still. Carlos doesn’t burn energy, destroys it! Watch the new music video featuring rapper, C Fo!

“I can really look at the crowd and tell what they like and what they don’t like. That’s why when I come in with my vocabulary I just kind of feed into the crowd,” said Carlos. “BARS!” said The Black Freq Sheets.

Rapper C Fo was almost too perfect of a compliment to Carlos’ gyrating, twangy style. If the two ever decide to collaborate again, we hope to give everyone a closer behind-the-scenes dish on what the duo does to get the Hick to stick to the Hop so well. Look forward to the upcoming single Heart Shaped Moon this January.

“2017 is going to be huge for the Bailey family. Everything is coming up roses,” smiled Carlos.

“I was with my grandfather every weekend. He owned a shoeshine shop.” -Carlos Deford Bailey to TBFS

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