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The BOOM Bap Is Safe Space For Nashville DJs

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That’s right! The Black Freq Sheets is all about highlighting Safe Spaces and creating Safe Space for artists to do the lifesaving work of recapitulating societal bull into something palatable, if not beautiful… #youarewelcome #InsertBOOM


You may have noticed and the answer is YES! You are EARLY for the 10 Year Anniversary of Nashville’s supreme Hip-hop getdown. The BOOM Bap is still youthfully limber and The Black Freq Sheets is here to help them celebrate their divine 9 earth crashing anniversary on SATURDAY January 28th @ THE BASEMENT EAST Nashville, Tennessee.

They’ve indeed come a long way since the mind numbing Dilla donuts shook the speakers at The 5 Spot in East Nashville. It was 9 years to be more exact and The Black Freq Sheets are witnesses that the early days still saw the venue packed like Djarum cigars as Nashville was thirsty for a hit of that real.

The cottonmouth continues. Commercial radio and well… the internet… is sure to keep DJs Rate, Bowls, and Case Blooms handling bidness and holding the keys to unlock our freq’ishly snobby eargates for years to come.

The three DJs take residence at the monthly occasion for the soul bouncing persuasion. Rate, Bowls, and Blooms rotate on two sets of turntables in five-song intervals to the uncontrollable gyrations and energy of the crowd.


Previous BOOM Baps have hosted iconic DJs like 9th Wonder, Diamond D, and most recently DJ MetroGnome. A party isn’t a party without a DJ. The Basement East shakes once a month in the name of almighty Hip-hop and Nashville couldn’t be better off for it.

The Black Freq Sheets look forward to bringing you a full length feature with The BOOM Bap founding DJs in the future. For now, check out an exclusive TBB interview with the legendary DJ Premier and don’t miss the 9th Anniversary event on January 28th.

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