Living Single, Again? YES PLEASE!

If black women ran the internet it would’ve come to a mahogany, mocha halt yesterday when Actress Queen Latifah announced her new album will be called Living Single…

We bullshitting, we bullshitting… Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrl

Queen Latifah actually announced on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live that she and her team are working on a possible reboot of the 90s, Brooklyn-situated comedy, Living Single. #yuuuuup

The Black Freq Sheets are all the way here for the reboot of the Fox sitcom that ran from 1993 to 98, prime high school years for us 30 somethings. Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, T. C. Carson, John Henton, Kim Fields and of course the Queen L.A.T.I.F.A.H. command were all part of our after school ritual on Thursday nights following Martin.

I’ll never forget meeting Latifah in the late 90s at an after party for a Save The Children event at Dayton’s in downtown Minneapolis. I ran up to her, a teen journalist, and couldn’t wait to tell her that I’d learned full episodes of her show by heart to which she responded, “Dang girl!” Before backing off with her bodyguard in tow.

maxresdefaultLiving Single¬†obviously means a lot to Latifah as well since she is tossing her hat in the ring to produce the new/old series. So who will play Regine? Max? Kim? Since black doesn’t crack and they didn’t smoke any, they could more than likely play themselves. The Black Freq Sheets is a little bias when it comes to our favorite character.

Sure we are all about female empowerment but the comedic styling of Overton Wakefield Jones are legendary to us. His special brand of homespun wisdom has been sourly missed and would certainly come in handy in this day and age. We wonder what he would have to say about the impending Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy boxing match.

There was no word on when the new series would air but we just pray Queen sticks to the script and not modernize their worlds too much. Yes! We are still holding on to the past and if the Kyle Barker character is somehow now a Dubstep DJ we will be turning it OFF! I mean really, can a dj do this with turntables?

#MuchrespecttoDubstep #Weloveit #ButKylesjazzscatswereeverything #Weknow #OurHashtaggame #shouldgotoshootingcamp #butourwritinghandistoostrong

Keep checking back and we will DEFINITELY keep you posted on this one.


#Keep Freqin’