The Black Frequency Sheets

How did Stacey Dash think her head wouldn’t be hunted by the Twittersphere that study pop culture like Dr. Oyibo studied the periodic table in his junior high math & science classroom? We saw that coming but apparently she didn’t get the tornado warning. Luckily, we got you covered for your daily oasis away from the baseless, faceless, ridiculousness that can be social media. New music anyone? #CatchAWaveBelow


It is essential you have a bona fide resource to support the musical odyssey that is life. If we’re going to be that then you have to check back frequently because the times they are a ‘changing and today’s microwave-artists are easily swept into the tide, never to see the light of fanlove. TBFS is keeping our promise to only present you artists you should GAF about so trust. #HerVoiceislike #Sunshine

More new artists are rallying for our attention with auto-tuned warrior cries than ever before.
The Internet is bubbling with starving artists (weirdly posing with stacks of cash) thirsty for a taste of fame and frankly, they’d love to be able to walk away with that loot at the end of the video shoot. The frequencies never left us. We know what excites us and if it were them then their wouldn’t be so many copies. One would do the trick. The Internet defines Electricity as “a state or feeling of thrilling excitement” but doesn’t give an impetus for the ‘thrill’ or the ‘excitement.’ In steps Alexis Nicole, the sultry voice tipping steadily into an earbud near you.


The visual album, Daybreak is being released on Jan 27, 2017 just in time to join The Black Freq Sheets New Year music procession. We recently got a chance to gain insight on how the Virginia native delivers such natural appeal. “I don’t know what separates me, but  every time I touch the stage I want people to feel a connection. I want them to get to know me, and leave having experienced Alexis Nicole for that period of time.”

New music is on the near horizon for Nicole and audiences can look forward to the promo tour beginning in April. Check the website for updates and peep her technique in the trailer for the forthcoming visual album below. #oh #andbytheway #beforeweforget #wealmostdidnttellyou #to #keepfreqin #YAH
 Get to know Alexis Nicole on all her platforms.

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