How the Blues Conquered Tokyo

Dr. House from the TV Show is the number one selling Blues musician in the world.

Normally, we don’t do this but The Black Freq Sheets don’t believe the hype! We heard of blue-eyed soul but blue-eyed blues? 0-o

Didn’t the white GIVE the black man The Blues?

What the?

kdIf that ain’t enough to make your brows do the Harlem Shake than dig the fact that the B.B. King’s All Star band travels the world soliciting souls to bend to the unique black experience in America via the sounds known as, The Blues.

That’s right, it could be all our fault that so many are taking license to engage in this soul stirring music of ours. Can we blame them?

Sure we can.

Let’s see what Amanda Petrusich has to say about how The Blues conquered our neighbors to the east…

I couldn’t quite figure out why Japanese listeners had come to appreciate and savor the blues in the way that they seemed to—lavishly, devotedly. Blues is still an outlier genre in Japan, but it’s …

via Sweet Bitter Blues