And The Word Was The Streets

If you can make your mind an empty canvas for what it’s about to consume then you’d be doing yourself a favor.


In the beginning, Hip-Hop was something done in the park. Now, with everybody trying to spark, there is a growing need for stages to support artists ready to make their presence known. If the universe supplied a platform for every sap that wanted to rap then our ears would be even more confused in our never-ending search for just the right groove.

The more sophisticated will delve deep into the bellies of the underground to find the rarest gems. Plus, we are in a future where an independent artists can be among the elite while simultaneously struggling for distribution and an outlet to present their music. Word on the street is that Word On The Street is ready to fill that void. NooTunes Word On The Street TV (pronounced ‘new tunes’) is the world’s first interactive media broadcasting network, existing under Dope Sound Global Entertainment Network.

Kang Boom Bap (of The Beat Kangs) has been developing the Dope Sound production house for the last 2 decades and linked with The Black Freq Sheets to give us the high-up on his new interactive media situation. You playing yourself if when we say ‘production’ you think ‘Zaytoven.’ You playing yourself if you don’t know by now The Black Freq Sheets don’t do too many things regular and we are conneuseurs of all things Boom Bap. When we say ‘production’ we actually mean ‘audio scientist’ or something gangsta. In fact, Kang Boom Bap is a friend of frequencies and vibrations on a level that’ll have you asking him to check your levels. #keepscrolling #forexclusiveoffer

Certainly, there are plenty of options to put a performance video on the cold internet and hope it catches a virus. There’s of course the mighty YouTube where you can even upload your music surreptitiously under a more popular name. “Independent artists still don’t have the vehicle that truly promotes their craft like the mainstream brands. NooTunes Word On The Street TV was born to expose and promote independent brands to a broader audience. It’s not all music, it’s any creative individuals who make content from comedy to talk shows to independent films, soap operas, movies, comedy skits, etcetera.”

If Dope Sound Global wasn’t backing it, this may appear to be too large a feat. Then again, considering the multitude of multimedia sites like WorldStar and the like, the more impossible feat would be one that maintained artists integrity. The Black Freq Sheets are insinuating anything. We are flat-out saying that the bull that most of these sites broadcast is detrimental to anyone gaining a clear perspective on the content. Kang Boom Bap ensures us, no street fighting on Word Of The Street. This ain’t your high school cafeteria cipher database.

“Think Of Word on the street is MTV and Dope Sound Global as Viacom. People can visit and purchase music video airtime,  commercials, or even television show ideas,” says Booms.

Longevity is the goal of most artists in the music industry and part of the genius of Dope Sound is they seem to understand the marketing potential of the internet and have used it to maximize benefits to artists. “Cyber interviews will be exposed for the life of their career on our network. The beauty about World On The Street is anyone, anywhere can be an anchor for our network no matter where you live on planet. We pride ourselves on taking our local music scene to a global stage via Facebook live,” expressed Booms.

Alright, alright, alright…

Sounds good?


Watch the episode one here. Join the Facebook Live community to enjoy frequent live broadcast and new music videos. Promote and show YOUR ART or artists and schedule advertising here.
The production team provides video and music production services through Dope Sound Cyber Studios as well as artist-to-producer networking capability. Of course we are in the world where Jay-Z can record a song on Alexis Nicole’s next record without ever meeting her. But could that same studio, mix-and-master the song, direct and shoot the video, broadcast the video, and provide an interface to communicate with fans? Prolly not son… prolly not.

We know y’all don’t know Dope Sound like we know Dope Sound but just know that we stand a thou behind our word. If this wasn’t a Dope Sound effort, we would probably be thinking…naaaan *inCSharp

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