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Mall of Africa and The Gentrification Of The World

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The new place for fun is the old place for sun!

There was plenty to shroud the May 2016 grand-opening of the Mall of Africa on the outskirts of Pretoria. A developers wet dream, the 45 minute-drive stretch of uninterrupted landscape is now home to 300 merchant shops in a 1.4 million square feet construct, occupying the largest mall space on the African continent.


South Africa already outnumbers Europe with 2,000 shopping centers for its population of 53 million. The mega mall opened on April 28th to almost half a million visitors in the first days as America and the world mourned the passing of Prince only one week prior. The hike in taxes that came with the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis or even those when The Mall of America opened in 1992 would likely be welcomed to South Africans that were greatly and even gravely split on the issue.

American taxi companies and Uber are wearing matching friendship bracelets compared to the contentious environment created by the saturated market in Midrand. We didn’t see this would be all good news. We aren’t even sure if its news at all that the Motherland gives big banks and large corporations a ginormous chubby. #justbecauseitsyellowandwet #doesnotmeanitssunshineandrain


The population in Johannesburg has doubled between 1995 and 2015. Africa has historically been the naked body for foreign conquest and the consumer debt bubble in Johannesburg was no deterrent for like invaders. By ‘like,’ we mean European and western capitalist and the like.

By 2030, the country is slated to be the world’s 34th largest city, growing by 11.5 million. H&M, Zara, Hamleys, Cotton On and Forever 21 are a few of the international brands with Mall of Africa flagships.

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