News Nausea? Take Your Dosage

Politics as usual had America shaking with anxiety last year. No worries, there won’t be much mention of politics here.

The Black Freq Sheets are only concerned with solutions. It is interesting to note how gifted artists appear just in time to level the zeitgeist. Remember Dave Chappelle on SNL? OF COURSE YOU DO! A week prior, America fired her common sense and hired Donald Dump’s id for the gig. Chappelle swooped in like The Black Panther and reminded us all where we came from, where we could go, and what we demand from the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue resident.

#WeKnow #WeWereJustMakingAPoint o#OurTaxMoneyMadeEveryPresidentComfortableInTheWhiteHouse #ButThisSavantOfTheIdiotVarietyThinksHeIsTooGoodForWhatWeCanAfford

#Hmph #Yep #StillLearningHashtags

The good old days gave us more than stellar comedic talent and sketches to which we could relate. It was also marked by a slew of great artists in every genre of music! Remember the birth of the Neo Soul movement and that one day you woke up to find a large population of girls at your school in french braids and hoop earrings? Them girls committed to join themselves to ‘the struggle’ but not enough to let that shyt lock and grow. Around 97ish… post-Fugee’s, pre-Love Jones’ish, we didn’t know the movement would last into today.

fair_use_of_the_soulquariansGroups like The SoulQuarians with members including Erykah Badu and Bilal, MCs, Common and Mos Def, and musicians, J-Dilla, QuestLove and others ushered it along. 1999 brought us arguably the most prolific album of the movement, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill. We said all of that to ask, guess what 2000 brought us?

We’ll give you a hint: A bird in the hand is worth 2 in one of these.

We’re not saying that gifted artists have a special power to foresee universal disasters. Nor are we saying they use their powers for good in the aftermath of apocalyptic political catastrophes. What we are saying is they do appear to show up just in time. For instance, how completely mind-numbing was it to watch the Irritating Orange’s dunce-cap wearing ass defecate (we learned this word here) over what was left of America’s moral compass.

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In which direction should we start? There are a few questions to answer and luckily the question IS the answer. What are artists going to do about the brand new heavy Dump Slump funk? If they are American homeland born and bred from some patriotic place like Tennessee, home of the 101st Airborne, then they are going to give you a DOSE OF THAT REAL. #withouttheJaggedLittlePill

A clear creature of the water, Hip-Hop MC, Ill Dose, dropped us a care kit that is sure to have us feeling back to our regular selves by ummm… we’ll say at least 8 tracks in. #ahem #SeasickMuch #LowOnFlow #TakeYourDose #SeeTheBlackFreqSheetsInTheMorning


Nashville bred, Cali-made MC, Ill Dose curved his momentum at a show in Graz, Austria on January 18th. A week later he brought it to a full peak dropping The Boat Chronicles on January 25th, just in time to help us wade these Donald Dumpy waters. Preview the project here and be sure to support your gifted artists because daaaamn they be work hard!

Stop back for the full-length Ill Dose interview next month for The Black Freq Sheets’ February Futures campaign. We really aren’t anticipating (nor giving af) the Dumpster officially designating February as Black History Month. We decided to take matters into our own melanined fingers and give our readers a preview of what to expect from future generations of black excellence. We have Millennials and Post-Millennials, Boomers and members of the X-Clan (Generation X, not this X-Clan). We have graphic artists, master architects, MMA fighters to show us the art of fitness (b/c what’s a yoga panted pansy going to teach us? Pilates? lol smh), actors, poets, and musicians and more! #ohboy


If you haven’t made your way to your own pile of sand in the middle of the ocean by February and can still catch a signal, be sure to come back. If by chance you have made your exodus, tune your inner frequency to The Sheets and let’s finish what we started. Start by breathing…


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