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Those that don’t know their history are probably reliving that shyt right tf now.




The Black Freq Sheets had to do our part to ensure February was over-occupied with reminders of where we came from as African people in America and where we should expect to see ourselves in our future.

Hopefully, we don’t have to spend any time sharing why it is more important than ever for us to do this, specifically, in the month of February. The Black Freq Sheets presents February Futures Series: 10 Volumes Of Us In Men. We do this to celebrate what white supremacist have sought for so long to tear down, the mighty, mighty black man. No exclamation point needed. #Facts

Eric Garner was murdered by police henchmen on July 17, 2014 on Staten Island for frequencing while black. 

We also noticed a lack of concern about whether or not Donald Dump would officially designate February as Black History Month like every other American President since the inception.

Perhaps that whole push to unite to the point we’re even using terms like ‘people of color’ as oppose to being very intentional about identifying as African, has finally assuaged our sensibility on the matter. If so, The Black Freq Sheets is here to remind us all of our collective responsibility as people to affirm our identity in the interest of survival. Isn’t that after all, the goal of every human being?


We won’t shroud our African heritage in a cloak of swirly shades of brown that eventually fade to beige, culminating in whiteness. We will continue to color a discontinued cultural legacy, adding our voices as branches of the tree. We will pick up from where our ancestors stopped in their transition. We will seek their help.


We have some interesting actor, musician, award-winning entertainer, and poet features, critical editorials, and much more to keep you engaged. Remember, The Black Freq Sheets exist to present the life of artists as artlife of artists as art to the end of raising the aesthetic and even monetary value thereof in the collective consciousness. What that means is that when you know better, you do better.

If we can educate everyone on the efforts and energy behind art creation, brows will potentially furrow less when looking at a price on a particular work. People will begin to understand that the consumption of art is necessary to feed the soul and innervate the human experience on earth.

Long story long… look forward to interesting narratives and presentations from The Sheets and don’t forget to Trick Off on us er’ now and then so we can continue this important work. Think about it, what other trick can you trick off on guilt-free? We’ll wait…

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Look forward to featured frequencies

MC Mouchee Deeki

Playwright (Tears Of Moons) Antonio Duke

MC Ill Dose

Poet Nikki Giovanni

R&B Singer/Songwriter Alexis Nicole

Arts & Cultural Ambassador of Liberia Queen Juli Endee

Playwright Patriq James

MMA Expert Mardae Weavermw2

R&B Legend Keith Sweat

Chef Felicia Thomas

Chef Jeanette Curry

Gospel Singer/Songwriter Cecil Thornton

Actor (Roger Jr., Fox’s Lethal Weapon) Dante The Poet

Master Architect Carlo Vontee ‘Augo

Visual Artist Jason Cortez

Visual Artist Fine Art By Red

Actor (FX’s Atlanta) Clark Harris

Country Singer/Songwriter Carlos Deford Bailey

and much, MUCH MORE!

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