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February Futures Vol 1: Espionage of Malcolm X by Jason Cortez

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Bill Bielichick doesn’t want it with Jason! We hope you all know how dedicated we are to bringing you the most expansive art in the most creative way possible inside a flat, rectangle. It can be limiting to say the least but luckily for us our limits have vortexes. Hopefully, we’ve built enough trust over these past short weeks that our advice will be followed for the maximal enjoyable experience. We don’t gaf about Fox Sports! #BONG BONG

Artist Rendering by Jason Cortez

If you’re ready we can start. The first thing we need you to do is press play on the video directly below.




The February Future Series 2017 is heating up and we had to bring our secret weapon, Black Freq Sheets Artist, Jason Cortez out the bando to see what’s cooking in the lab. He did not disappoint and almost as good as his new series of paintings, Jason let us in on his musical inspiration behind the works.

“So far I can tell you I was inspired by Robert Raimon Roy’s new music art and I’m always trying new trippy ways to make art,” offers Jason.

We have no idea who Robert Raimon Roy is but are always down to catch a dope vibe. The music is inspirational to put it mildly and there is certainly nothing predictable inside of it. No wonder Jason slaps his canvas to these electrically jiggy tunes. He don’t gaf about Puppy Bowls but he does like Chanel Lewis. These two attributes alone is enough to put the cartoonishly fresh, Rob Roy ahead of the fray.

Recording Artist, Robert Raimon Roy

There wasn’t much surprise in finding Jason working with his signature paint brush and acrylics. However, we needed to know exactly where the multifariously colorful personality was going with it. We won’t keep you in much suspense but trust us again, you would have similar questions if not the same ones. Jason is known to create visually shocking art but this time, it’s his words that just may shock you.

“This is Malcom X,” he muses, “I’m still wrapping my mind around it as I paint. This is the 1st in a series of paintings. This is the only one so far.”

Oookay. We feel you Jason! Malcolm X. Got it! Well, in honor of the all new February Futures 2017 (cause we don’t gaf if Donald Dump officially designates Black History Month or not. We don’t require permission to celebrate us!) The Black Freq Sheets in association with highly acclaimed visual artist, Jason Cortez, present to you what is apparently the first installment in a series.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Boys & Girls

Queens & Kings

and Queens OF Kings

we serve you Malcolm X Realness…

Jason Cortez take on Malcolm X, work in progress 1.28.2017

Now you know why they don’t want Jason to paint. ⇐ Click for purchasing opportunity.

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