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February Futures Vol 4: Soulology 101 w/ Dr. Jeff Menzise

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“No artist attains total excellence, but the strength of truth and justice is that it lasts and that man can say … this is the heritage of my father.”

Ptah – Hetep’s maxim

We like to cast a wide net at The Black Freq Sheets. We never know what type of art freqs are in the shallow waters of nun. Tonight we caught a Wisdom Wednesday wave with Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Lecturer, Dr. Jeff Menzise.

Modern Psychology, like most sciences (and science itself) finds its roots in The Motherland, specifically in ancient Egypt around 664-554 BC. Dr. Menzise asserts a truth that ancient Africans practiced and experienced a spiritually altering psychology that surpassed mere surface study of the brain functionality.

African Scholars Anthony Browder, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing & Dr. Jeff Menzise

“Ancient Africans understood that the well-being of society was dependent on the well-being of the people making up those societies, and that their well-being was dependent on their individual and collective mastery of Self,” asserts Dr. Menzise, an initiated priest in several African Spiritual Traditions.


Wisdom Wednesday is a joint venture of IKG Cultural Resource Center and the DC chapter of The ABPsi, of which Dr. Menzise serves as President. The ABPsi assembly will investigate modern initiatives and offer an ancient African view of psychology and ancient traditions.

captureWhat does all this mean? It means you can inform yourself on a way to heal yourself through learning fundamentals of ancient African Psychology and how it influences contemporary science and practices.

We know this sounds like a game changer. We thought the same thing. That’s why we hit up our resident Brother Therapist to give us the dets on the ancient mysteries of our id vs ibid… we mean ego. #FruedianNightGown

“It’s important to reclaim and/or become aware of these connections because its part of our legacy, much of which, remains unknown to many. While taking Psychology courses, we never hear of the relationship between African Spirituality and Psychology,” offered Dr. Menzise.


Inaccurate depictions of world history has undoubtedly fuddled the consciousness of the masses. No need to name names (although we ain’t neva scared huh). We see these ill-intertepretations of Africa past in the movies, on television, the internet, billboards, in books, and unfortunately, they litter the American public school curriculum, oftentimes backing critical thinkers into a corner of self-guided education.

“Even as a professional, I’ve been brought into meetings with department chairs asking, “What kind of psychology are you teaching?” in reference to me including one section on African or Black Psychology in my Intro To Psychology course… and this was at an HBCU!”

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Journeys like these through the educational system are common experiences in black and brown student-pops and obviously these are also potential future educators. The February Futures Series doesn’t exist to pose questions about whether or not the strategic displacement of African History is intentional.

We operate in the reality that it is happening to all of us indiscriminate of color, race and creed by Powersthatbe. The Black Freq Sheets is here to speak truth to power. #WeOpenForBidness

Dr. Jeff Menzise w/ Professor Griff of Public Enemy

If Black people are intentionally socialized to believe themselves inferior and it is the case that Whites are made to feel superior then it is also the case that these beliefs and feelings are what we can call psuedo, no?

What comes with any internalized psuedo-belief? Depression, anxiety? Depressed because of an impossible road to success or anxiety for fear of not living up to an exalted state of beauty and prestige? Pot or Percoset? #TheQuestionIsTheAnswer #SameDrugs

When you know who you are and where you come from it is something naturally powerful in it. We wouldn’t be much without our personal worldview. Imagine all of us knowing who we are from an ancestral perspective.

The time spent commiserating the lack of black and PanAfrican studies in education can be burned in midnight reading oil. This is important to The Black Freq Sheets because we understand that African history/present is world history/present and February Futures is one small assertion. We also know that a journey to the beginning of everything can seem too large to…well…begin.



“At the end of the semester, having taught students about Freud’s and Carl Jung’s Study of African Spirituality, and after referencing Erik Erikson’s own words referring to Black people as nigger, students are more excited than ever to deepen their study of Psychology and African culture as a whole,” said Dr. Menzise.

14633063_1332200253466806_6512074639170834482_nHe continued, “It is the empowering and motivational aspects of this knowledge that makes it effective, and thus, encourages more people to seek intervention; especially those who have rejected other modalities. I have many, many clients who seek me out simply because they have felt a disconnect with “traditional” mental health models and practitioners.”

It is probably very difficult to express your soul without understanding it from your unique cultural construct. The truth is that an investigation of African History oftentimes uncover the parent of some ‘traditionally’ European trope. The Black Freq Sheets is all about being like water and getting to the original source of all matters. #BlackWashing #AfricaInBlackFace #AnotherBadCreation


Art is an expression of the soul and has the potential to feed others in its creative process. It makes an incredible amount of sense that ancient Africans preference Spiritual Art as oppose to the ‘art of religion’ if we study the art and culture of the people. It is plain to see that the spirit ain’t missing.

February 15th is as good a day as any for the initiation of your soul salvation. As an initiated priest of African Spiritual Traditions, and a Prince Hall Freemason, Dr. Menzise will be a wellspring of “practical wisdom found in these ancient traditions,” and urge us toward its daily application.

We welcome and look forward to his presentation and investigation of this very necessary art. #StayTuned


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