February Futures Vol 6: The Humanimal Of It All

I knew I wanted to be an architect and a personal trainer along with being in the NFL. I cant front I had hoop dreams too. -The Humanimal
Gifted artists often travel a maze of obscure uniformity before settling into their strange skin. A baseball uniform can make a great theatrical costume. A Prince ensemble for your Jr. High talent show can double as a super-David Bowie fit if you squint. If you’re lucky, you can string all of the artistic phases together, stack them up and they appear as one man having many arms. An African Shiva with earth, wind, fire, and rain in each hand or something else. We had to set the second half of February Futures Series off with a red bolt of lightning in a black sky of stars glowing green.

Mixed Martial Arts Champion and Fitness Trainer, The Humanimal, gave us an exclusive look into his mind. Inside, we found the source of his enduring energy and motivation behind his cause to assist the world in the art of physical fitness. Although, The Black Freq Sheets were not surprised to find The Humanimal less than engaged with the physicality of it all.

“I always liked the superhero movies and was one of those bright-eyed kids that thought humans could fly like the movies,” Humanimal muses. “As I got into football at an early age I was blessed to experience championships and the process it took to become a champion and that fueled my love for sports more.”

Throughout the course of our lives, the epic hero journey is replayed a thousand times in our imagination and if we’re lucky, or if we dare to open our eyes, we’d find these examples outside of books and movies. Hurricane Matthew reminds us that the universe has a way of shaking us loose of complacency. Comic books and cartoons exaggerate life but we can’t forget there’s a real human hand automating these realities. Children often do. Forget.

Or are never told. A lot of them are free to just believe in these… fantasies? and assign them to themselves. Children do what we call pretending but a lot of them aren’t joking and really believe they are invincible. Think about it. What if no one ever told you that you couldn’t fly?

An African Shiva with earth, wind, fire, and rain in his hands could trade them for Chakras, Herbs, Conchs or whatever, as easy as Sunday morning. “I got very serious about the details of the body like how amino acids work, what protein does, what are chakra systems, the study of herbs and other Shaman practices. I gained a greater love for nature and what it provides for us,” offered Humanimal.

So who TF is Humanimal and where did The Black Freq Sheets find yet another otherworldly from the other worlds? The question isn’t a matter of a who but a what. The Humanimal is a collection of energy dedicated to ass-kicking growth in the four cardinal directions and the 360 degrees in between, over, and under.

“I had one strength Coach named Andy at Tennessee State University that overhauled my ability with his out of the box approach to fitness. I loved it so much that I adopted the training and added a little spice to it of my own,” starts Humanimal. He continues, “I began to study Mixed Martial Arts at Nashville MMA and soon instructed some cardio kickboxing classes. After years of working with various fitness level types I decided to get my Bachelors of Science in Human Performance and Sport Sciences and in Psychology to understand the body and mind properly as I trained to become a fighter.”

5 years later, Soular Fitness is Nashville’s recipe for mind and body fitness food. The Black Freq Sheets are witnesses that Nashville can cook pretty darn good too. Who don’t know that? o-0


“I’m motivated to continue because this is literally my life and I choose to make this my purpose on earth. My theory is if it is a righteous path for you that will multiply and produce more, do it. Why wait for an answer for the clouds or a strike of lightening to flash,” lends Humanimal.

The Humanimal has appeared on NBC’s The Ultimate Race, in fashion prints, and most significantly in Soular Fitness’ uniquely structured growth sessions. The Black Freq Sheets encourages anyone of any age that can, to take advantage of these life changing interactions with The Humanimal. #CantTrumpRawTalent



Soular Fitness Certified Trainer Wall Climbing Obstacle Training Experience (For Fitness Freqs Only)

It isn’t everyday you receive such a concrete, sensible approach to fitness that doesn’t require you to purchase a DVD, weird contraption, or diet pill. You don’t have to win the Powerball to afford it either. From what we’ve read, and we stay reading ’round heah…


The only necessary equipment for the Soular Fitness program is you. “Im trying to push the human race forward by keeping us on earth as long as possible with health and to continue to push the human barrier. People 50 years ago would never think a human body could run 1 mile in 5 minutes, now it happens daily because we’re pushing the body’s limit,” adds The Humanimal.

ggQuestions are still lingering for some that want to know who exactly is The Humanimal and from whence he came. Others still are wondering what exactly he does or maybe even those questions of what he is stay in the air. Not with The Black Freq Sheets on a major other level creep.

We dug deep enough to uncover the brother has not only protected the likes of Carolina Panther Cam Newton (that was a quarterback the last we looked) and other pro atheletes but in addition to scientifically streaming together a unique family of fitness training, The Humanimal infused nature and survival training for his clients.

“In the beginning I wanted to take care of my family and provide the best fitness solution for people who wanted that alternative approach. I believe that once the people find Soular Fitness, they wont leave. That’s why I press forward,” adds The Humanimal.

For a full demonstration of the answer to any remaining questions, The Humanimal has a title fight February 25th and a Spartan Race in March, 2017. “I am starting to get hired to come speak to groups about fitness and life coaching as well so this portal that I have picked to do my small part in this vast world is starting to come full circle.”

#MayTheCircle #BeUnbroken