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Kicking It Ol’ Skool: A February Futures Series Vol 5 Prelude

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All visuals original works from the creative imagination of Michael Ol’ Skool Mucker

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The Black Freq Sheets took a minimalist approach to our habitual pic editing for a maximumalisticalisticalisticalistyist intake of dope. This is ALL Works of Mike. #WeKNOW #SODH


Colors Don’t Run

He is an art fair walking, spray needle talking
King of the concrete just an outline chalking
Living life like a bomber no jacket to lose
After rainfall, see the colors he choose
Red or Blue, green or purp’, it just don’t matter
All the walls go in withdrawal when his paint don’t splatter
painter of the sun





– just multiply




228399_1534284416657_3423715_nYou don’t know him FOOL
You can’t hold him COOL?

He don’t require assistance, social resistance
Any problem he got, he just put his wrist in
His life is violent, he got silent on life
Peace is a dream, reality cold as ice
His colors, his honor, his colors, his all
With his colors on his shoulders one man stands tall
How tall, real tall, more tall than phallic
Last night his own blood made red for his palette
His canvas is the sky
His art equal pi
His arms hard to bend cause the paint too dry
Madness, insanity, live pandemonium
Then some punk claimin’ they controlin’ him?
Give him one sec, what world the ‘theys’ live in
Ink is the sect, drop on yo’ religion

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251144_10152112877745075_1795695156_nHis pants are saggin’ kinky hair
Suckers stare but he don’t care
His game is knowledge, so visual
No remorse so squares beware this spiritual

rulerHis true mission is just revenge
You ain’t in his sect, you ain’t his friend
Try to take his colors and your life could end
Homicides his favorite revenge



He’ll just walk like a giant, police defiant
They’ll say to stop but he’ll say that he can’t
Luminaries are family, it’s all we have
Michael’s a star, on the walls is his autograph

268851_2229879554446_4331985_nThey don’t like it, so they know where they can go
‘Cause the streets are his stage and this is his art show
Psycho-analyze tried diagnosing him why
It wasn’t their spirit sprawled out open that wide


But it was his, so let him define who he is
His territory, don’t cross that bridge
Don’t try to act crazy
‘Cause vibe don’t thank me
You can be read like a punk
It wouldn’t fade me
‘Cause my colors don’t run
Though we all want peace
But our war won’t end,
In The Black Freq Sheets



Stay Tuned for the full length Ol’ Skool interview in The Black Freq Sheets after February Futures Series!



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