DJ Khaled is Shining with THE BEST Timing

Dj Khaled claims to be ‘the best’ on a regular basis and for the most part lives up to it, that’s if the number of platinum selling records is any indication. The Black Freq Sheets will also give him The Best award for picking collaborations. We know this one is a no-brainer for many music listeners but even Hip-hop snobs like us had to give this one a good old fashion light and listen.

#IfYouDontKnow #YouWontKnow



Maybe he was waiting to see if he won the Best Rap Album Grammy that went to Chance The Rapper. Who knows? We do know that minutes after The 2017 Grammy’s, the leader of the We The Best movement dropped what is sure to be an epic hit featuring none other than the royal Carter-Knowles (or is it Knowles-Carter, or does it depend on the Award Show?)

The song titled ‘Shining’ features an immaculate photo of the legendary DJ’s new born son, Asahd Tuck Khaled in addition to containing top shelf heat from the music heaven hottest ovens.

We couldn’t stop your shining… go ahead and click the link to enjoy but spoiler alert #Jay #Still #Has #Bars

You may want to listen BEFORE they remove the link #YouKnowHowThatGo

via Listen to Beyoncé and Jay Z on DJ Khaled’s Surprise New Song “Shining” | Pitchfork


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