If One More Label Try To Sign Him, He Just May Chance It

Chance The Rapper’s new legal drama has next to nothing to do with a white-collar trying to wind him up and reel him into a plantation-style 360 deal. For the last year it’s been his daughter’s mother, Kirsten Corley, tiptoeing down to the man to put the aphro-rocking emcee on what we call, dem papers.

Last February, Corley filed a motion to have The Rapper legally established as their daughter’s father. Now, she’s graduated to filing for child support so it appears that the grueling schedule of an independent MC at the top of his game has finally caught up to the once happy couple.

Ex Fiancee of Chance The Rapper, Kirsten Corley

With Black Love Day creeping up, The Black Freq Sheets and in light of the theme of February Futures Series (10 Volumes of Us in Men), we thought it appropriate to investigate what could happen when a man’s path to success and financial security can interfere with familial duties.

And of course we are only speculating that his schedule is the reason seeing as how their original co-parenting agreement dictated that they live in the same residence and they are now searching for separate residences. If Chance The Rapper was signed to a major label, he would undoubtedly have more time to spend at home.

Problems, problems, problems *JoJoVoice

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