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A couple hundred thousand residence near what-just-so-happen to be the tallest dam in the damn country have been ordered to evacuate at the sign of a dangerous spillway.

The ruptured spillway on Lake Oroville Dam in north California was still holding hours later but authorities issued evac orders on Sunday. Residents along the Feather River are in serious danger if that damn Dam breaks.

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State and local authorities have quieted the notion of any ‘immediate danger’ although, of course, there is no way to be sure. The evacuation is a precaution.

Yuba County Office of Emergency Services is urging residences east or west but asked that they “DO NOT TRAVEL NORTH TOWARD OROVILLE.”

The Black Freq Sheets wishes them all a safe journey and easy passage.

via Nearly 200,000 people told to flee crumbling California dam spillway | Reuters

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