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The T Is ‘No Lives Matter,’ Word To Ice

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Normally we don’t do this but ummm…

We realize many of you may not have heard the shot rang out and since an extra pair of gloves were laying around, we present you the smoking gun in true Black Freq Sheets’ freqin’ fashion.

The Grand Wizard Lady of the decades-airing morning show, The View, Whoopi Goldberg, recently bumped her knotty-head in the round-table segment. The Friday, February 17th episode featuring fellow comedian, D. L. Hughley was equipped with an ill-quip from Whoopi’s lips as she called Donald Tramp, Mr. T. 0-O The kicker was she was thanking the new President Slump for cutting Art’s funding nationwide.

#SarcasmFail #OOOOOooo

We only know two Mr. T’s and while they both shine pretty bright neither of them are bright orange.


There’s the Mr. T that put the A in Team.

And then there’s that ice cold, colorful, Body Count MC that’s kilt so many aspects of the game, its forever jacked with no take backs. Ice-T is a legendary player (with house money) and his new single encapsulates the sighs and signs of the times in classic MC fashion. The Art of Rap narrator has obviously been conscientiously observing and doing it with Body Count less than quietly these days.


“It’s unfortunate that we even have to say ‘Black Lives Matter. I mean, if you go through history, nobody ever gave a fuck. I mean, you can kill black people in the street. Nobody goes to jail, nobody goes to prison,” explains Mr. T to no applause. There is no Amen Corner or even Body Count members in the opening shot to the video for No Lives Matter, the first single off the upcoming Bloodlust album.

Still alone in a room Ice T continues, “but when I say, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and you say, ‘All Lives Matter,’ that’s like if I was to say, ‘Gay Lives Matter’ and you say, ‘All Lives Matter’ or if I said, ‘Women’s Lives Matter’ and you say, ‘All Lives Matter,’ you’re diluting what I’m saying. You’re diluting the issue,” he states.

icetnewjackThe Godfather Theme penning MC started Body Count, an Alternative Hip-Rock Heavy Metal band, back in the early 1990s to high critical acclaim. Since then, the crew has solidified a definitive space in the canon of successful crossover groups.

That’s not to say that hardcore Ice-T fans weren’t dazed and confused by Mr. T’s decision to seemingly abandon his Gangsta Rap persona for square-territory. It was only a bleep in time before the release of Cop Killer set us all straight in ’92. Ice-T was still our black rebel hero of an oppressed, yet unstoppable counterculture.

Hip-hop echoed through the heavy vibrating chords of Cop Killer and the consummate MC’s bars embodied the angst of the people then and now.


The sentiment and very lyrics of Cop Killer reverberate in the sounds of black music throughout time. Groups like NWA, Boogie Down Productions and many others have creatively commentated the hostile relationship between police henchmen and the defending black and brown community.

Artists like Killer Mike and Tupac Shakur (another shoe ‘in candidate for Mr. T naming rights) are notorious for poeming outrage, discontent, and even solutions for police brutality in their lyrics.


“But the truth of the matter is,” T continues in the opening scene of the new Body Count music video for ‘No Lives Matter’, “they don’t really give a fuck about anybody if you break the shit all the way down to the low fucking dirty ass truth.”


‘Fuck the police!’ has evolved to be more than a black warrior’s Bluesy cry. It is the mantra of the oppressed people of the world over that believe that no amount of money, apology, or display will suffice for a people with culture so easily pillaged and bodies so undervalued. #BlackLivesMatter #OR #NoLivesMatter

Opposites attract in this universe but there either is or isn’t a rhythm to the kind of interaction the two will have. In a world fueled by white supremacy, it is no wonder that black lives are undervalued by both blacks and whites. Everyone in the world is effected by white supremacy and taking that power back would mean that non-whites will have to effectively love and value themselves.

A sure side-effect of value and self-love is self-care and defending your survival. Black and brown people in America are under attack and the enemy on ground level are police henchman. Rap artists have answered for decades with razor straight logic. Cop Killer, Fuck The Police, if our lives don’t matter than NO LIVES MATTER!

“Their biggest fear is when we get on the same side of something,” Ice T recently tells HipHopDX. “They want to keep dividing us — black against the whites, woman against men. They don’t want people to line up and realize we’re all pretty much mad at the same shit. They keep trying to throw monkey wrenches in to make us fight each other so we’re not focused on what the problem is.”

“And it’s bigger than the police. The song isn’t even about them. It’s just how the game is played.”

Ice-T is clearly ready to once again own his place in the canon of artists that dare to shine their frequency on modern convention. What is, doesn’t have to be.  Check the music video for Body Count’s new single, ‘No Lives Matter,’ from the forthcoming album, Bloodlust, below.

Ice-T is an owner. He’s owned Hip-hop. Mansions. Movies. Pimping. Television. Cops. Rock.


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