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Fresh Single Ready! Hear What The Chef Is Cooking

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This what it comes to, wildin’ like a Western down in this concrete jungle homie hope you got your vest on.

-The Chef

Take off your corny sheepskin socks for this one. If you don’t immediately know the type of kicks to slide on (hint-hint) then we don’t know what else to tell you. Get your Hoda Kotb flip and Chris Brown twist out for this one (We really mean O-Dog twist but we talking to millennials too so…).  This that only, only music. This audio art comes with a street enforced dress code.

‘Real’ is an understatement, no ‘far-fetched raps’ is a obvious prerequisite for this movement. We don’t like to say shyt like ‘real music’ in The Black Freq Sheets because it’s too close to acknowledging fake music and there is no such thing!

#FCOL  #Fakemusic #AINTmusic

raekwon-press-photoThis right hear is that real rap food how turnip greens and cornbread is for the soul but not all food is. We all smelled The Chef cooking up earlier this year in The Sheets and now the lid is slowly lifting and wafting mad flavas and aromas and scents to tingle all up in our noses dramatically and what not.


Raekwon The Chef, The ‘Only Built For Cuban Links’ MC from the Wu-Tang Clan, a group with a name synonymous with brain jangling spittas, will drop the solo album, The Wild, this quarter with a stealthy lead-in. #GiveThanks #4SoundCloud

“This Is What It Comes To” is serving fresh bars drizzling with shimmery green healthy globs of goodness. The Black Freq Sheets has long gained a rep for the presenting the bestial talent you never heard of but glad you did. It’s always good when we can feature the long known for having-the-game-sewn in The Sheets.

We not gone stand in your way… gone press play.

Keep Freqin’

Trick Off On THE FREQS

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