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It’s true. Black History Month is the name given to the month of February in America when people of AFRICAN descent celebrate their heritage. Of course, the original people of the planet derived from Africa essentially making every person on earth a ‘person of African descent.’ So WTF is a Black History Month?

Art by Olan Skoolansky

The word ‘black’ is used to describe more than people of African descent in America and is obviously meant to mean more than a color. The Black Freq Sheets are well-read but not so well-traveled. Do tell us if we are wrong but we believe there are people of South American, Asian and even European descent that could fall under the category black if it were indeed referring to merely phenotype.

Are we in the future? 0-O

In America, we specifically refer to people of African descent in the diaspora or ex-enslaved Africans as black people. Even still, the definition lacks precision as there were other enslaved peoples in the Maafa and as aforementioned, all people are of African descent. The question still lingers of ‘who are black people’ and ‘what exactly is Black History Month.’ A month long Malcolm X party?


Is it the history of people of African descent in the diaspora? Should it not include Native American, Asian and even European history? This shyt is confusing af and The Black Freq Sheets believe that satan is the father of it.

Art by Olan Skoolansky

With that being said, we’ll be joining the fellowship of sistren and brethren at African Caribbean Kultural Heritage Initiative, From Negro History to Afrikan History 1926-2016 to discuss, debate and commiserate.

Hopefully, this will be our Council of Nicaea and black people will begin the conscious assimilation of African traditions in America… at least this is a dream of The Black Freqs.

Like we said before, those that don’t know their history is probably repeating that shyt right tf now.


Let’s continue to build ’til then.

via From Negro History to Afrikan History 1926 – 2016′ – Honouring The Father’ | ACKHI

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