February Futures Vol 7: La Bella Noir Patríq

I view all art as language. My art frames light, giving new perspective & thought through an engaging mixed media experience.

-Patriq James

Before Tom Hanks handed his friend and mentor (yep), Denzel Washington the Cecil B. Demille award at 2016’s Golden Globe presentation, he stressed the point that for such innately brilliant talent, the list does NOT go on and on. There is an exclusionary realm of talent that contains the most illustrious gems the universe presses out only ever-so-often. These folks are the ethereal light at the outer-most edges of the sun just before the light becomes pellucid but The Black Freq Sheets dons Blue Blockers for all. No need to braise your pupils people we steepled and churched and held a holy seance to divine the mind of one such artist, Patriq James, the latest and possibly most beautiful frequency we’ve had the pleasure of trespassing on…





We were minding our own business when we stumbled across this lively tree in the black sand desert of creativity-lost. La Bella Noir Noir (The Beautiful Black Black) is a performance art series in 5 parts from the creative imagination of multi-talented artists, Patriq James. The Black Freq Sheets is dedicated to presenting uniquely gifted artists with a mission of balancing evil humanity with something more evolved and even profound, and Mr. James is no exception in any respect.

Of course we got up with James to find out what exactly is The Beautiful Black Black and furthermore (I’m sure you’re all still wondering) wtf he is and why we should care. “I view myself as an artist, a savant, a provocateur & an epistle. I view all art as language. My art frames light, giving new perspective & thought through an engaging mixed media experience,” explains James.

The Nashville artist collaborated with Carrie Underwood for 2016’s Country Music Awards and is ready to take on his most illustrious collaborator yet, himself. The Beautiful Black Black is a one-man effort with more than one set of wings.  “All art is collaboration. Some of my favorite collaborators are actress Aleta Myles and award-winning musician Marcus Hummon. My favorite teachers are Ms. Lauryn Hill, Nina Simone, TaRee J. Avery, and Abdel Salaam,” offers James.



He continues, “The inspiration for La Bella Noir Noir is pain & promise… Darkness & light. La Bella Noir Noir has 5 installments in its progression to the full live performance art theater experience in which the audience will hopefully find themselves on a divine journey through the impossible to success.”

There was no surprise to find James, Presidential Vocal Scholar, in the midst of such a theatrical feat. The goal of most artist is to get people talking but James is not most artist. Not only does he pull from the anus of his creativity multifarious ways to make us spill our guts, he specifically want us faced with the grotesque, the despicable, the ugly, the mofo ELEPHANT in the room. It’s not enough for James to get us to introspect, he creates with purpose. The goal is to get US to explore our ugly til it transmogrifies to beauty.

“If you gave me a pink elephant I’d paint it matte finish black and paint words like jealousy, lies, hate, abuse, neglect, pain, and death in glossy black. On the side in white: ‘COMMUNICATE PLEASE.’ I’d put it in a sound proof, glass-walled room in a downtown of any major city. The glass door would say ‘2 people enter here.’ There’d be video cameras outside watching the emotion erupt as they talk about the ‘elephant in the room.’

LA BELLA NOIR NOIR: A Work In Progress will be at the Global Education Cente 4822 Charlotte Avenue Nashville, TN 37209 on March 4th, 2017 @ 7 pm.

Targeted demographic: artists, free thinkers, spiritual types & anyone who’s had rough times.



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