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February Futures Vol 8: Word ^ Poetree S.L.A.M. (SMELLS LIKE ART & MAD-IZM)

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 “Word^poet = thoughts, poems, rhymes, music, events, art.”

-King Dean

Lean To King Dean

by The Black Freqs

King Dean rose

w/ otherWORDiness glimmering from his pellucid aura, drizzling diamond poet chunks on the masses like mollasses over whipped enslaved humanoids wearing Cuban linked chains and WWJD bracelets on Thorsdays.

King Dean attacks

w/ otherWordly approaches cloaked in sunrays and Daffy Duck colored blues, hat and shirt with no shoes cause his feet are slaveships. People are them sometimes.

King Dean orbits

w/ otherWordiness that transcends realms and bounces tween worlds like centrifugal force and time is divorced from space by his grace that scathe and braise eyes slicing left and right in even dices of flesh and spirit.

-Rendered by Alley Angel Artist Aphropik,

Chief of The Black Freqs

Word^’s King Dean & The GZA



Щϕґdぺρσετ Щϕґdぺρσετ Щϕґdぺρσετ Щϕґdぺρσετ Щϕґdぺρσετ Щϕґdぺρσετ Щϕґdぺρσετ Щϕґdぺρσετ Щϕґdぺρσετ


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