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What do we want?

How do we get it?

I’ve always been of the mindset of getting what I want with what I have. What that means is that I use what I have to get what I want. In this way, I figure I’d only have what is meant for me. No one else has what I have.


Now that we’ve gotten pass that let’s stretch our heels gently and rotate our ankles for the long haul. The stretch for The March Of Women won’t exercise your calves but it will rock your vibrations to a steady key of progressive feminine energy on the count of January, February, THREE!



The Black Freq Sheets presents The March Of Women Series for the soul-sick and bone-dry looking to get the glide back in their eye and the gleam in their steps. Sometime you have to sidestep the rhyme and every now and again you come across a reason to go steel3the road most-traveled. The March Of Women Series will present a bunch of travel agents, direction givers, shotcallers, excuse gobblers, impossible problem solvers, and goddesses. These are the annointed women that point. Leaders that build pyramids with their fingers and rest their chins on their clasped hands in subjegation in dark spaces. Lights of rooms in lighthouses and the glories of sons and brothers and sunrises.




The March Of Women is a celebration and edutainment series for and about a few women we should cherish and its about all of the women we love.

The volts of energy from the churning of women-driven leadership around the world is jolting and the momentum is powering our future in more ways than we know. The Black Freq Sheets is both documentarian and happy passenger on the otherworldly ride through March, infinity and beyond.

It’s unfortunate, in a society where people have to be born in order to be people that people that birth people are fighting for human rights.


The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, “It’s a girl.” -Shirley Chisholm

It’s all enough to make you want to wake up and say …yea we know. That’s why we designated ‘you know who’ as the official songstress and ‘you know what’ the official theme song of The Women Of March Series. After all, every march needs a theme song.

Right about now is where we’d usually say GET SOME! Not today.

Today we’re going to invite you to press play. Get involved. Get intuned.


Keep Freqin’

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