Foxy Brown Is A New Ill Ma Ma

That’s right!

No symbliminals in The Black Freq Sheets. The inherit social media dramatic queen, Wendy Williams, recently spilled the beans on her live show.

21 years after the release of her debut album, Ill Na Na, our deep brown rap goddess, Foxy Brown, has shown us once again she knows how to add.

az-foxy-brown-nas-the-firm-thumbThe MC empress of The Firm sealed the deal with classic bars on the Hip-hop supergroup’s 1997 self-titled release. The Firm featured legendary spitta, AZ and top 5 MC Nas to name a few and Foxy Brown rounded the crew with dynamism fitting for Dr. Dre and Trackmasters classic production.

Foxy dropped her latest single in the deliver room this past week (badupbomp *hi-hat)

It’s a girl!

The father is, well, according to the talk show diva, Wendy, “allegedly it’s a reggae star.”

There you have it people.

She don’t have NO TIME for none of this New Age Hippity-hop drama yall got going on round heah!

foxybrown-1She is basking in the afterglow of her journey through space and time and has no time for the back and forth of Nicki Orgies taking beasting Remy shots to her presunken chest.

The Black Freq Sheets will get back to you on the dets of the new Nick Orgy and Remy beef but for now, we want to send peaceful vibrations to the new mother and celebratory energy to our brown diva and true MC, Foxy Brown.



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