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Money’s Super Extra 40th Earth Landing Anniversary Extravaganza

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Big is usually an understatement for the undefeated World Champion Boxer, Floyd Money Mayweather Jr. The impeccable fighter has an equally killer music instinct, scouting only the crème de la crème to speckle his star studded occasion.

floyd-mayweather-money-and-belt-cakeSwanky J. W. Marriott Hotel set the scene for the 40th birthday celebration in downtown Los Angeles but our 90s favorites provided the ambiance. The Black Freq Sheets is straight up no ginger ale as usual and we won’t keep you waiting on the guest list. Sisters With Voices were the first to spark the attention of The Sheets and the dream show continued through every stage of sleep. It seemed pretty freqin’ ethereal to say the least. Follow them up with Jodeci, Too Short, AND a Bobby Brown and Tyrese duet and you got yourself a show for the ages folks!

We’re pretty freqin’ gifted but we ain’t making this up. Skip to the video below for some hardcore evidence that Floyd’s party was from the future. Mariah Carey sung Happy Birthday. Fat Joe leaned back. The Game has a blonde fade now. All of this was of course narrated and commentated by the most incredible entertainer in the world, Doug E Fresh because… who else?

Oh and Teddy Riley and GUY!

The Black Freq Sheets only hope to be around for the 50th earthlanding anniversary celebration of Money Mayweather starring the powerhouses of the 60s and 70s Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, and friends hosted by Solange.

#TrueDivas #AreForever


Of course there was a burglary! All these Floyd stans and fam gathered together in one place then the question lingers: WHO IS SECURING THE BAG? Somebody dared rob The Champ’s Las Vegas home while he was bathing in lathery words from the incredible stylings of the one and only Mr. E. Fresh.


Keep Freqin’

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