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Just Swissing Blaze? WE GOT A PROBLEM PEOPLE!

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We know
There are those times when

The Black Freq Sheets are legit-late on the hype shyt but this technically isn’t one of those times. We were actually sipping whiskey sours waiting on the world to change after the holy Blaze of thunder vibration rumbled through our hemisphere last month… and well… nothing much happened.

Here we go again!

just-blaze-swizz-beatz-ig-live-battleThe Black Freq Sheets are here to hopefully not understate the momentous occasion that came ablazin’ straight outta nowhere at the end of February 2017. Valentine’s Day aka Black Love Day and whatever tf President Slump was doing maybe overshadowed the monstrous boom from the tiny little room? We aren’t sure and there probably are no real answers as to why the world didn’t stop for the once-in-an-eon event

Legendary (we know we use that term alot but remember we only rock with the best and the term is freqin’ fittin’ here) Hip-hop producer, Just Blaze and everyone’s favorite beatmayka and Ruff Ryda pioneer, Swiss Beats had a DJ battle on Instagram.
They made us look

             for no reason

but for the love of Hip-hop.

There was just NOT ENOUGH HOOPLAH surrounding this boombapilous occasion for the Black Freq persuasion.

There was that definitive moment, albeit 30 minutes into the show, where Swiss pointed out the lack of fan support after one of Just Blaze’s signature epic intros citing, ‘This ain’t no library. We in here turning up for the culture tonight!’



In traditional TBFS fashion we won’t hold out on the goods but just know that we know that you didn’t know and what a effing shame that is because we were waiting for you and you let us down! We won’t even get started on the amount of cellphones in the room (including EBRO’S!) that limited crowd participation and attention span.


Don’t do that no mo’











Keep Freqin’


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