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Betting Against The Champ? Where They Doing That At?

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Not sure about the status on the flying cars but of course they’re out there because we are in the fathaph@($!n’ future folks!

Showin’ love is still the Brooklyn way and Oprah Winfrey is acting circles around seasoned veterans in her timeless, There-Are-No-Color-Purple-Children-Here way. Some things have images (1)however changed MAJORLY and that is nooooo understatement.

In our post-Obama future, undefeated World Champion, Floyd Mayweather is back once again to prove himself?


That was a question. We were just as confused as some of our readers at the bandwagon jumper oners and naysayers inundating the media landscape, barber shops, and living rooms. Some of your family members and soon ex-friends are all betting against the champ to… lose to the reigning UFC lightweight king, Conor McGregor? *scratchourheads


We get it.

But is it officially official?

Welp, the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas has been provisionally reserved for the potentially forthcoming match between the two polarizing gladiators.


JUNE 10th

That’s right! Floyd is shooting for 50 by age 50!

We understand the traditional American sport nut diet of ESPN and Olympic Track & Field didn’t include a March Madness following of Featherweight or Lightweight boxing and all we know (queue the violins) is that Mayweather is synonymous with cashmoney. But COME ON SON! In what world is Floyd losing? (okay fine, ‘In what world is Floyd losing to Conor?)

Floyd-Mayweather-Jr.The undefeated welterweight champion has crossed a plethora (fancy word intended) of divisions and arose undefeated. 49 and 0 to be exact. That’s zip zero (but not stingy with dinero). Floyd Mayweather has whipped more ass than he has years on the planet at 48 years old.




Andre Berto, the 49th fallen hero to the man with the gleamiest gloves guaranteed Money a hefty 32-million dollar minimum. Now, in this multifarious colored millennial future, Mayweather has agreed to give Conor what he needs for a measly 25 million dollahs? #notypos #Wearestillinaftershock #barewithus #holdon

Are you fooling us Floyd? You selling fools’ gold nah? You doing more than getting out of bed bruh, you’se coming out of retirement for what amount of money? You tired of talking about money?

Oye ve’

The future is weird af!

The goodnews about Floyd posts is that the work has already been done. No need to brag on his stats or business ventures or endless supply of ends because he has that covered. Make no mistake however, The Black Freq Sheets is unmistakably, unapologetically, and unabashedly HERE FORTHIS FIGHT!

Billion Dollar Fight or not. Don’t get it curly. However and Furthermore, we have to maintain our journalogging integrity (We dare someone say TBFS didn’t invent ‘journalogging’). We promise to do our best at serving it to you straight up all the way through if our readers and the rest of you (two) STOP THE MADNESS!

If this ain’t about to be a video version of the game torture  from Methodman’s first album, than TBFS owes 4 very confused dudes some bread but we think not…


Note the period.^

Keep Freqin’

Trick Off On THE FREQS

Oh you disagree?

Bet you can’t do it like this.

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