TBFS’ Netflix & Chill Mandate #1

Those other sites are having a field day with Chappelle’s recent comments on Key & Peele.

Mega Comic, Dave Chappelle is offended and rightfully so!

pancakesYou can’t put your name after ‘Created By’ if you didn’t create the shyt!

That’s some simple logic people. The Black Freq Sheets doesn’t have time for basic, low vibrational shyt like that.

Neither does Dave.

He is NOT tripping off Key & Peele. We know they came at the cusp of the age of the disrespectful, Minaj-azz, no-prop-giving azz millennial age. We were not shocked to see them take credit for a format they clearly stole from the classic Chappelle Show and failed to give credit where credit is due.


Chappelle loves us back! The Black Freq Sheets have always felt the love and have been following his career from smokey basement clubs in London all the way to the 7 hour comedy all-nighter he pulled about a decade ago at The Laugh Factory. Yep! We’re HUGE fans of Dave!

Luckily he is back with 3 all new specials airing on Netflix beginning March 21!

“I made them and then I shelved them… and then they bought them,” said Chappelle.

They bought them to the tune of 60 million dollars and nope! TBFS isn’t wasting any time pointing out the obvious 10 million dollar fee hike Chappelle earned during his 13 year ‘hiatus.’ hehehe

Two of the specials where made during his ‘hiatus’ from comedy. But TBFS isn’t calling this a comeback because we are real fans and we know that our favorite comedic hero has never left.


In fact, Chappelle has been very active on the comedy circuit since his 50 million dollar mic drop at the turn of the century. Even pioneering anti-cellphone technology with fellow comedian, Louis C. K., Chappelle has stamped his Air Force print on many a comedic stage.

Check out the new interview with Jimmy Kimmel below and get ready to bust a gut this weekend with The Black Freq Sheets first ever Mandatory Netflix & Chill notice.

Check out Complex news story on the Dave Chappelle aftermath…

Keep Freqin’


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