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We love research in The Black Freq Sheets! We thought it was only right to reveal a little of our back-brain drain after our Culinary Arts fooducation. One of the first things we noticed about cooking and the whole shabang was… guess what?

Food doesn’t have a sexual preference. Yep! Lesbians of all races, even the black ones, those heternormatives and dare we say, TRANSGENDERS all LOVE food indiscriminately. Now if that ain’t a damn common bond it’s a dirty kidnapped Flurby!


There is a definite science to cooking but for us, it’s all art. Chemistry, Math, Reading and the lot of it goes into creating the delicious and the abhorrant. We respect the practice and product. #butmostlytheproduct

Now that the formalities have been made formal, let’s address the buttery bread of it all. Food is important to all living things. Many people are now realizing the importance of living food for living bodies and let’s not forget to give a special shout out to our Sebian frequencies out there.

So what of it?

Live Food Fried by Chef Fe

Are living foods any healthier and nutritious for our bodies than cooked food? What the bleef is a ‘culinary?’ If living food IS healthier for our bodies and our bodies get buried in dirt and become food, then wtf are we feeding with living food 0-o? aye ve

These questions could good on and on and in fact, they will, to the tune of tens of billions in dollars to the organic food industry.

Shall we proceed?

Naaaan… Do your Googles!  The Black Freq Sheets is honestly ready for the food porn of it all.

Keep coming back for our Culinary Arts Series starring Chef Fe and some of the most tantalizing food freqs you never want to meet… on a diet.



P.S. The organic food industry is primarily dominated and ran by 3 large companies. No competition in the market could be why I did a praise dance over the $1.88 avocados last week.


Peep what we peeped below and as always…

Have dinner with Harold McGee, the academic-turned-cookbook author who paved the way for Alton Brown and a whole generation of culinary scientists.

via The Scientific Language of Cooking — Longreads

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