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Did Tribe Call Pac? 1995 Source Awards Revisited

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It wasn’t us.

We swear it wasn’t us!

But it does seem fitting to go ahead and wish you a HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY!

We were minding our own business when Hip-hop’s newest messy queen, Noreaga’s slime ass, asked Q-Tip about the 1995 Source Awards.

Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! Really?



The Black Freq Sheets are HUGE Tribe fans. Although we turn an ignoring eye to ignorance on GP, we were sitting on our letter, kriss-kross applesauce with one raised hand for the festivities of it all!

Rapper Noreaga, one half of CNN, sat down with the legendary all-star ATCQ crew to chop it up and apparently ressurect the spirit of Messy Mya. #doyourGoogles

imagesIf you don’t have a Revolt membership you may have to take our word for it after a while. We were busted up to see they’d taken down the YouTube video on the entire episode of Drink Champs but later happy to see it resurface.

#Weareayoungpub #Withnoscripts #FeelfreetoTrickOFFonUS #WewanttoRevolttoo #andhowaboutthatYouTubeRed #wjs

Q-Tip appeared alongside Jarobi and MCs Busta Rhymes and Consequence made a guest appearance filling in the blank of various stories.

ad2Diddy’s Revolt TV has reportedly licensed the Drink Champs Podcast to air exclusively on the network, beginning a full launch early 2017. We aren’t sure why we were able to catch the full interview on YouTube back in January and not again until now.

Q-Tip actually hushed the room to tell his version of what happened at the 1995 Source Awards when he was inadvertently, perhaps on purpose, thrust in the midst of Tupac and Biggie Smalls infamous, East Coast Vs West Coast beef.

Watch the 1995 performance Tupac gave and be sure to catch the interview footage.

The story goes that Q-Tip wrapped up his acceptance speech just as the opening measures of Pac’s song begin. Tupac was forced to start his song or risk missing a music cue in an age when performing artists actually performed live as opposed to rapping sparingly over a pre-recorded ‘live’ version of themselves.


Sounds innocent enough right?

Watch the full interview below, perhaps for a limited time and share your thoughts on the classic Hip-hop kerfuffle.


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