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MixCity Muzes Vol 4: Fliparachee Reps The Last Of The Realest

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I’mma 90s baby, I’mma 90s baby

Pac was yelling Hit’em Up and Brenda had a baby -Fliparachee

It takes a village people! It definitely takes a community to ensure knowledge is passed from generation-to-generation and without a peer education program than wtf are we doing? o-0

Each one, teach one and all that jazz but it does help when one of your own or their own or someone’s own chips in a wisdom gem.  Forget sounding too preachy and or thinking your words will wash right out of their ears on a river of Migos mumbles. You can do it!

2Fliparachee is our latest MuZe to peruse just cause he used his platform to take his peers on a trip down memory lane to a simpler time. A time when we didn’t have to qualify our language as much because people meant what they said.

We were up! Didn’t have to say ‘all the way‘ and if we ‘stayed lit er’day’ than eventually we’d get kicked out or forced into rehab. We just saying…

There was no reason to argue a term because we took responsibility for our actions and moved on with our lives and now we are here… 2017. We can’t go back people! Forward motion only. What we can do however is remember.

Fliparachee drives the magic schoolbus for his generation to a much simpler and possibly even happier times…


The Black Freq Sheets linked with the artist that calls himself Fliparachee to ask what tf made him do it! Why did he have to go all Captain Planet and Schoolhouse Rock on his thin-jeaned dabbing peers? …and what’s up with that name?

Fliparachee came from my childhood. I used to do backflips all the time which is where Flip came from. My pops is also called Flip for the same reason.  At a homecoming game this chick called me Fliparachee… it was on from there,” he said.

From age 9, he went from doing flips in Gary, Indiana to flipping rhymes in Indianapolis. At 26 years old, Fliparachee is in love with Hip-hop and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. As for 90s Babies…


“I wanted to take my age group down memory lane. The song features my friends, #Soweird and Germz. I have gotten all positive feedback. A lot of people say they like the creativity of the video and its entertaining. Shout out to Cory Davidson for helping to bring my vision to life. I think it’s safe to say we put together a banger.”

Banger? Sure.
In The Black Freq Sheets, the song is pass banging, it’s a MuZe for the Fliparachee generation that says Bananas In Pyjamas couldn’t pop in 2017! Of course they can!
As for what’s next for Fliparachee, he is appropriately dropping No More Waiting 2 July 13th and shows will be announced on social media so you probably wanna follow the MuZe.

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