Is Real Art Truth? The Answer Here

I knew whatever I did with my life had to include art or I would be miserable. Elisheba Isreal

Caution: Wonder Woman theme music may slowly rise in your mind…



Being liked is a motherfuckin’ trap and though it catches most of us, more-conscious artists among us tend to settle into not giving af a little sooner and a lot louder than others. For instance, Memphis born and bred artist, Elisheba Isreal tried it and decided on something more fitting than fitting in.

She decided to fit into herself.

“…I was different… and Memphis is its own unique place and atmosphere and I did not belong as much as I tried. I was an anime, video game, try everything once kinda kid,” offered Isreal in an exclusive TBFS interview for March Of Women Series.

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To highlight the lives of women that encompass the courage necessary to be themselves isn’t enough. The subjects of the March Of Women Series possess the selflessness to be themselves for all of us. To put it simply, they’re givers and their display is for the world. We call them boss players, bosses for short, or ‘the women that point.’ They call themselves artists, conjurors, mothers, goddesses, queens, warriors, and Elisheba Isreal.

Everyone should know that being liked is a trap and if they don’t they should begin to believe it. They should understand how trying to fit in is how most people start but how no one should finish.

If they do not, they should.

We say so.


Isreal did so.

She showed us how fitting into anything but oneself is confining and sooner or later (rather sooner than later) air is needed. “I had to leave Memphis as soon as possible and travel the world… I didn’t know anything about tattoos or graffiti… After I graduated college I immediately moved to the first city to give me a job. That happened to be Nashville,” remembered Isreal.

17668793_10158402585760075_178742789_oThe Black Freq Sheets is all about self-actualization and the path to and from it. We recognize that artists have all tried to fit in at some point and when they do, they usually end up sucking at art.

What we mean by ‘sucking at art’ is that if an artist is not being themselves than what tf are they creating and by whom? What meed of reward does the artist really deserve? o-0 Are they just standing in the way of creative truth? Art itself?

“I’m not that type of person to accept defeat even when there is no other option,” began Isreal. She continued, “I did however almost give up on art. I felt stuck and my talent undervalued. I would see things I thought were shitty and wonder how those artists⌋ were rich or popular. To quote Kanye- “I was having nervous breakdowns like “man these niggas that much better than me?”

Artists are very easily possessed. Truth becomes abstract like beauty when artists yield creative license to otherness. Shiiiiiiiii… other people may want an artist to be a mail-ordered bride. You may see said bride standing à la seconde singing heavenly from a street corner soapbox to a growing crowd of 50. 

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That shyt sound cray, we know.

All we’re saying is that life is constituted of the conscious and unconscious decisions we make. We become ourselves because of us or something like that. A BFA from Memphis College of Art and a multifaceted career in freelance fine art later (yes, you can be fine… and free) and you have yourself an Elisheba, founder of acclaimed One Drop Ink Tattoo Parlour in Nashville, TN.

“I don’t remember when it was that I made this decision but I just knew I loved to draw,” added Isreal

Love helps. How did we forget about love? 0-o Speaking of which…

Isreal continued, “It’s all about timing. I believe things happen when they are supposed to based on choices you make. I chose to stay in Memphis for college. I had scholarships to other places but not enough to cover living expenses. From that choice I chose to use the pull out method- I got a baby.”


Isreal could paint you a picture of what happened next. In fact, she has painted many pictures of what happened next. We speak our truth a little differently in The Black Freq Sheets… next time CatWoman.

To  be continued…


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