MixCity MuZes Vol 1: Enter DaKatalyZt 4Tha$ouL

It happens ever so often.


They fall and plop and rise from liquid silver in man shape.

It does happen.

We saw a movie in our heads but opted for one of our bossplayer oopah doopa heka dope features instead.

This one is about a man named


Here is a picture of Fred.16707075_10100905195318766_531532821_n (1)

Fred’s sword and shield have names. We do not know what they are but we are sure he named them something jiggy.

Tis is de ting…

One night around 4am… okay… One morning, we were wondering what could make TBFS shake and take its rightful stake in the internet pantheon of over-trafficked niche sites and Bopbedeboop

straight like that came the Cat in The Hat from Ca$hville, the city with the star .

Our latest muZe to use for you to peruse… or something spectacular.


MuZes use us, infuse us with color, stains and auras and all have an odor. Fred’s funk squeezed from sour bluesy brass is sometimes hyphenated but always ends with Jazz. He’s a trumpeter people. Bebobupetah people. He’s a artist that wears his culture in his aire and his smile in his… music.

Black culture is… something I think about when I’m performing whether it’s Jazz, whether it’s Bebop-Jazz, or whether it’s Gospel in the church.  -DaKatalyZt

Culture is the house that holds music for all musicians and the freedom to express your unique creative perspective is a dignity we hope everyone digs. The Black Freq Sheets is a platform to display that dignity and dagnabit we love doing it to def Jeff!


17820727_10100953212262426_1985182240_nFred travels the world emoting color sounds for the soul into the air with his trumpet and band. Or a trumpet in a band. From the Caribbean, Baltic, Mediterranean, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Somoa, Central America, and Panama Canal and probably in Japan. Fred plays the trumpet with a band. He is a B.B. King All-Star!

And a menacing warrior spirit.

Don’t let the paisley-grudge taste cool you though. He may also be 17820933_10100953212212526_1186166172_nheard speaking like a deacon freqin’ on a weekend at institutions like the Memphis Business Academy on otherwordly, otherworldly topics like osclusive dope sounds, Decepticons, and other transformers.


Fred gels with ELEL as well.

The Priest of Art has a list we couldn’t do justice so we lasso’d a star and spit a bar in cosmic code to gain entrance to the room where the clue to the ticket to the contest we could sign up for to win a chance to glance at the scroll for 12 seconds and guess what?

“Multi-Instrumentalist, Teacher Substitute, Motivational Speaker, Clinician, Global Entertainer, Music City Native, Colloquial Polymath, Renaissance Man of GOD, Tennessee States Tiger Alumni, Horn arranger, Producer, Soundscaper, Womanizer, I’ve done soundtracks, worked for SESAC, Educator, Lyricist, Composer, Instrumentalist, Actor, Sex Maniac, etc.”
Ron Jeremy w/ Porn Star, DaKatalyZt

We were even more concussed, blown away, and beside ourselves when we tried to find an angle to bend this beast-brained man to and couldn’t think of none so that’s when MixCity MuZes was born.

MixCity MuZes is an all new TBFS‘ series for our soul freqs that save sleep for the decisiveness of death. Take this vibe for instance and a difference.  

Awwww you thought it was over…


The Black Freq Sheets is bringing back the To Be Continued for the two zero one tre plus tre plus one son! Click back often for another dose of movements in the life and music times of DaKatalyZt and do more than count the squares that glow in his music video.



Next time Catwomen.

Get to know DaKatalyZt


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