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‘Dis Generation’ Broke Hip-Hop

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Can they kick it


We’d be there for it!

Kick that raw hip-hop shyt one more time Tribe! And then over. And over. And over.

In the collections of the depths of our souls we found a selection sticking out, gleaming, and decided to blow on it, dust it off, and give it a whirl…

In the beginning, lights throb a heartbeat of ahs as Phife takes the floor for opening bars. The lense follows his brief Hip-hop trot pass Ali Shaheed and Jarobi’s bobbing head to pass the baton off to Q-Tips incredible Star Wars inspired tercets,

“I’m in the world where my princess is Leia and she’s feeling my Veda as my lure grows greater and greater.” Q-Tip



And then it just… flows.

a-tribe-called-quest-dis-generation-video-watchBesides the fact that we LOVE Tip’s shoes in this video, the uninterrupted sweep of the camera throughout, capturing the blend of live and still life, makes this the most epic music video of 2017.

*whisper, Plus Tip Gets OFF!

If Q-Tips classic nonchallant rhyme demeanor and Jarobi’s cooler-than-fans flow isn’t enough to pull Dis Generation over into already brimming sea of classic material than this bossplayer ass video definitely does it!

The Black Freq Sheets doesn’t want to let all the cubs out the den fcol… we’ll leave the weird af convo Busta Rhymes has with himself for you to discover and decipher.

And how tf Hip-Hop will follow this… who knows… but TBFS is HERE for the recovery effort.

Keep Freqin’  

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