Syria & Everyday Chemical Attacks in America

The last sentence is super definitive and really could have stood alone if not for all the inconsistent rhetoric and news fodder bogging everyone down. We have been crying about ‘peace in the middle east’ for decades and the only thing that’s left the middle east is ‘in pieces.’

The Black Freq Sheets is not capitalizing that bullshyt because the middle east is not a place. Go ahead… try it… point to the middle of a sphere and tell us how that shyt goes. Until then, we were refrain from perpetuating that dunce-cap wearing bull. Whether or not the middle east exist, the objective is to control it and it’s resources.

Check out what our friends over at the Zone Of Nonbeing had to say.

Zone of Non-being

President Trump authorized an airstrike against Syria in response to “an affront to humanity” that killed 100+ “innocent children and babies” in a chemical attack. But America is in no moral position to wag its finger at Syria. Anyone who barely skims the news is aware that the United States routinely violates both human and civil rights. At this moment, America is waging chemical attacks against its own people.

For instance, the Trump administration green-lighted the Dakota Access Pipeline which will poison water supplies and land for generations to come. This is a chemical attack on the American people. The government is run by a bunch of conservatives who think climate change is a hoax – an idea which justifies a 30% cut to the Environmental Protections Agency.This is a chemical attack on the American people. The government sits idly by and allows the residents of Flint, Michigan…

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