Janet’s Back: All Hail The Prince

Was this the reason for that strange light in the eastern sky back in February?



believe that whole Navy Missile story? Let’s be real… President Slump doesn’t have the presence of forethought to test a missile before launching it. We know this…

So what gives Liv? 

We don’t really know when he was born only that he was and now we get the first peek at the new prince of America’s royal music family,

The Jacksons.


Ms. Jackson if you’re over 30 years old.

Mrs. Jackson if you’re under.

The ageless queen of the pleasure principle recently gave birth and just shared a pic of the glowing prince.

Take a look at little Eissa Al Mana…


The Black Freq Sheets sincerely hopes this means she back! Hopefully, the birth of the prince means Janet will make it up to her fans for skipping out her last tour to… give birth… welp… we ‘spose that was a good reason…

and that’s it folks! We’ll leave the drama of the divorce from you-know-who and all that noise to those tabloid sites.

We love you Janet!

Keep Freqin’


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