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Hell RZA Opens The Legion Of Doom

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In case anyone is wondering if The Black Freq Sheets condones, agrees and otherwise support the statements of DJ Hell RZA during this broadcast… Find Answer Here

WARNING: If you like Drake, you may want to redirect your frequency at the end of the first hour. For all other boom-bap Hip-hop lovers, feel free to play all the way through (and save some for your mother).

hrzaFor some reason, Hell RZA wanted us to remember the LOD Def Squad that started many of us on the baggy Girbaud and Timbs track way back. Hurricane G, Keith Murray, and our favorite rapper, Redman all make appearances in this week’s episode of Shut The Fuck Up Radio Show.

Stay tuned for the back and forth banter because it is fucking epic this week! They make a Nas/Illmatic – Mary J/My Life segway that will knocks your socks off.

Okay fine, they may both need a therapist but we won’t be the judge… you decide!



P.S. Shout out to Jay-Z and all other Change Makers. Yes, pressure produces Diamond Ds. We are HERE for artists that

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