The Unsubstantiated Underdog: Why Nikki, Just Why?

That’s when Hip-Hop went awry in the beginning when people started measuring talent by record sales and charting. -Rah Digga


Nikki has a crew…

and she apparently told them!

We weren’t going to do it.

We were going to stay all the way, far, far, away from this dunce-cap-wearing caca del torro. But then, oh then, just as we were about to write our very own analysis of Don Cheadle’s appearance in Kendrick’s new video we found a whole new reason to say DAMN Daniel!

Nikki Mi-NAH had to drop her video for No Frauds on some imma-just-sat-this-riiigh-here shyt. We were like, ‘no Nikki. It’s too late Nikki. Don’t do it!’


Did Remy tell her to tell her crew or is Nikki Minah just weak af. We’re not sure… we seriously are just not sure people!

It is, in fact, a tradition in Hip-hop for an opposing emcee to warn a competitor to tell their crew.

We listened to all 500 hours of Shether and didn’t hear Remy give that age old warning but that doesn’t mean she didn’t. We just didn’t hear her. There could be a perfectly legitimate excuse as to why Nikki thinks it’s okay to get an entire squad of rappers to attack one woman, namely Remy Ma. She could for instance… ummm… hmmm… she could be overly hyped by record sells meanwhile be wack af on the mic.

We don’t know… we just saying.

That’s when Hip-Hop went awry in the beginning when people started measuring talent by record sales and charting. -Rah Digga

Just to clear some things up here, when we say wack af, we don’t mean she can’t rap. She can rap very well. When we say Nikki Minah is wack af, we literally mean that she lacks substance. When we say she lacks substance, we literally mean that Lil Kim already killed her whole lane so wtf is she doing. If she doesn’t pay homage to Lil Kim then literally, she’s cooping an entire style which makes her unsubstantial. Get it?

Still no?


Okay. So say you had a particular hairstyle that was indigenous to you. Say you were the original people on the planet and discovered certain attributes inside of the universe that inspired you to create a hairstyle. Say you created the hairstyle to mimic a certain characteristic or creation in the universe and built a whole set of rituals around it. Say it looked like the double-helix. Say you innervated these rituals and sought refuge in them. Say you passed this cultural element down to your children, and your children’s children that were kidnapped, taking more than across state lines, enslaved for hundreds of years. Somehow, someway, they remembered. Even in that strange place. And then you saw this.


Disclaimer: We are not calling Nikki Mi-nah a white girl with cornrolls. We are calling her unsubstantial af.

So, we’re just not sure why she’s still rapping into microphones in 2017… oh yea… RECORD SALES!

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