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MixCity MuZes Vol 3: Chyna Doll is Coming!

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Get your hands up!




Chyna Doll is coming!

Big voice? Check. Big hair? Check the date. Big talent? Checkmate!

Big things can come in small packages but here in The Black Freq Sheets, we only care that they COME!

Tennessee has a lot of small cities with lots of big attractions and the most unsuspected talent America offers. We’re talking Bluegrass and blues, goo-globs of Gospel galore and Hip-hop has a very special place in the underbellies of the slick city streets and wooded backlands. Nashville is a definite hotseat of Hip-hop’s gifted local elite and it’s outskirts are home to a lot of it’s prevailing talent.

When we say talent, we’re talking everything from videographers, award-winning producers, radio personalities and yes… legendary singers and songwriters. They come in multifarious colors, shapes and sizes and as aforementioned, we dgaf so long as they come!


Mainly because we know it comes from a place and we are about recreating spaces with people as imaginative as water allows.

Ladi Chyna Doll has come to us from that mystical, musical place full of volunteers and she brings us plenty of hot, melodic souvenirs to get us through our snowy, dreary years in the great norf. So…


When is she coming to visit us? o-0

That remains to be seen but thanks to the miracle of The Black Freq Sheets 🙂 we can enjoy her here.

and here.


and here.

and speak to her and have her answer us back. What does it take to make it in an industry dominated by a force other than your own? She is more than determined to fulfill her dreams in her coming forth by day and night and in everything she does.

How can she be this prepared for her journey? We can ask her these artistic questions and more like how tf is she doing this shyt? Where does it come from?

The Doll is our 3rd MuZe in MixCity, TBFS and didn’t leave us hanging on too long before coming to holler at us. In her words, she do this because, “I told my sister, Chyna Blaq, when asked what I wanted to be that I wanted to be an artist. We kept rebranding, reorganizing, and refocusing and jumped right back in after my father, John Kinzer, died April 7th, 2014 of a cardiac arrest,” reveals Chyna Doll in an exclusively interview with TBFS.

“I gave into depression but I always wanted more,” she continues. “I will never be stagnant or satisfied with my current state, I always want more. Chyna Doll is Coming and always will be!”

c3Pain can often give rise to even greater triumph, usually if we allow it. People stand in their own way all the time and lots of times we are our own worst enemy. What we mean by this is that not seeing the good in the bad can often leave us feeling… well… bad and shyt. What we can do about that is honor the good in all things and allow it to direct us.

“I acted as Deloris aka Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act: The Musical Stage Play here in my hometown, Columbia, TN. There were five total shows where I embraced community theater,” says Chyna. “I have a new music, a project entitled “Emojional” using emjoi as a form of communication via song titles that explains several of my emotions while telling stories.”

Chyna is not only coming, she is forging a new path for the next generation of artists in Tennessee. “It’s challenging, balancing motherhood and music, but it can surely be done gracefully with a properly established support system that believes in your dreams as much as you do,” informs The Doll. Chyna along with her longtime cohort and down ass-Ace from the same uteral space, Chyna Blaq, recently partnered with The Building Block School of Arts in metro-Columbia for a joint indie artists showcase.

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The Almost Famous Event is May 6th from 7-10pm at 116C West 7th Street Columbia, Tennessee 38401. The indie artists showcase will offer networking opportunities, an performance, and an opportunity to brand market and receive 100% of the proceeds. There are 10 Vendor spaces available.

The artist will be paid people. This may not mean as much to the audience as it does to the artists but trust us… it means a phluacking lot!

“As we know artists are the least paid and this event is to encourage independent music lovers and performers. I want to help other artists have what I did not really have and educate them on the business aspect of music,” explains Chyna who clearly isn’t new to this shyt.

Okay. We gone get back to some more of her gangsta past later and maybe even tell the story of when we first met Chyna Doll over a decade ago. Let’s just say one minute, she was watching the show, next minute it was all greasy elbows and flying hairtips people… that’s right… hairtips flying every which way.

Stay tuned.

To Be Continued.

“I always want more. Chyna Doll is Coming and always will be!” -Ladi Chyna Doll

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