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MixCity MuZes Vol 5: Poetry of Michael Storey

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My Black brothers

My soul brothers
My young and old brothers from different mothers…
See, those Elite Others want us off of our standing,
Marching and dancing feet, depleted, defeated, and
Deceased into the ethers, our souls released, a feast for the 3-
Headed Beast of a corrupted American Government…
They’re immune to our complaints, our cries, our tears, and our painful
Utterings. Constantly covering for those
That kill us off whenever they can cover.
We     All     may     be     the      children of this country,
America, but
I submit to you that we are
Not looked upon as fellow American brothers.

This is troubling for me you see, bcuz this contradicts the definition of THAT which we consider to be humanity.

Apparently, on this planet, the habit of some

In this habitat is to mistreat and attack

Those who are Brown or Black.

kickNot bcuz they are evil or intellectually un-equal,

Or bcuz they are conniving or untrue, but merely bcuz

Their skin is shaded a different hue?


How intellectually and perpetually insipid is that?

Enslaving, raping, shooting and hanging a people bcuz their skin is black?

Beaten and drowned for having a dark brown reflective complexion fused with a boost of EX-cess melanin.

Other ethicities have endured terrible cruelties, but truthfully none have endured cruelty and brutality on the level that those of African descent have & still do each day, under the guise of the American Way.

Our African way of life, culture, customs, languages, and Spirituality were all sadly and tragically stripped away from us at the beginning of slavery’s train, leaving only our blackness to remain, along with unbearable mental, physical, and spiritual pain.

Even throughout Nat Turner Rebellions and Abolitionist Movements and Emancipation Proclamations and Civil Rights Laws, we still crawl

and claw at the right to be treated and looked upon as a fellow SON of the Divine ONE.

Yet with racism now being practiced through this governmental system via tactics of systematic attrition, such as the fake war on drugs, and harsher sentences on so called Black thugs and a twisted Black Market that ardently targets Black Men for the organs attached to their arteries and an Educational Institution that uses bogus mental diagnosis to promote this often false notion of a “Learning Disability” which follows Black children thru societal infinity or the strategic removal of Black Men from 2-Parent Homes via the use of low income housing restrictions, and dependency on food stamps to maintain nutritional conditions…

A Poetic Tribute to A Dying Breed will be continued on another FREQin’ day. -TBFS


Michael Storey is a fighter, writer, father, and husband.

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