Enter Hell RZA’s Chambers

Oooooh Donna!

Our second favorite Wu-affiliate makes an appearance on this week’s set and we were mad af that we didn’t shave our woman beards for this because man did it get itchy.

Theodoreunit.jpgSomething about the Theodore Unit makes us want a goat-tee… whatever.

This week, Hell RZA started us on a Wu-like tour before spinning out onto more innocuous boom-baps…



Wecouldn’t help but take note to our long lost Wu-Hero, Cappadonna. Haven’t heard from this dude in a month of Sundays. There was that one time we ran into a single but really haven’t delved into the mind of the rap god since, The Pillage.

This is after all what DJs are for. The good ones keep us current. The better ones keep us far ahead of our fellow Hip-hop snobs so OF COURSE RZA is going to email us that mp3.

Sure he will… *whistling

He don’t want to see this face… IMG_0208