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TBFS Presents In our Solitude featuring Solitude

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This will be the greatest poem ever written,
But I am not the writer

Based on the most magnificent thoughts ever imagined
But I am not the dreamer

This is a futile attempt to play it perfectly
Mine crying eyes release the waters of other people’s fears
Yet my feet are shod with the destination of previous journeymen,
A trail of tears

solWhich makes my crystalballs not just a refraction of light
But the very reflection of sight

Showing my brutality
Because in my madness lies the fantasy

Of someone else’s dream
A baby’s born
A new day has dawned
Yah’s purposed life is never wrong

Deepest mysteries yet unlocked
The miracle of birth still awes and shocks

Love and lust
Pain and joy

The duality of life is the real McCoy
Oneness with nature
Perpetual cyphers?

Yah’s poetic creations.

Raymond Adams is an accomplished poet in Memphis, Tennessee. Follow him on his social media and stay tuned for his forthcoming debut album.


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