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I got the antidote- sweeter than a cantaloupe in summer

Hot peas and butter baby come and get your supper.

The last feast spread before Kings and ME-

Wisdom and Peace- crowns this crown of a Queen.

Where’d your locks go?

Ya know- they were cool and everything maybe later but for now (yo) – that just ain’t me

I had to let be free- and let chest breathe-and unlock what I had allowed to get locked into me.

If you don’t get it now- then later you’ll see- there’s more to this life than just being human beings

It’s about the energy you carry- when you’re not being seen- and it manifests itself in your creating.

I got the antidote- all natural- flame release the smoke-if somebody ain’t done told ya

I’m a let you know- you supernatural -actual- factual -not fictitious-

Ain’t making wishes- walk straight- Quit trippin’- stop the bullshit- air freshener won’t help

Stop serving them false gods and serve your true self- manifest for wealth happiness and longevity (Like the Roots say) I deal with the real- so if it’s artificial let it be –

Ancient Chinese secret- so keep it on the lo-mein- strong like sake so approach it real slow maine Been working on my to(e)-fu- kick it clear out your range -go back inside and hide and just

Blame it on the rain

Purple like Prince- I’m on that “oooou”- no fear of flesh and blood because it’s nothing they can do I’m not trying to impress you- because I ain’t got shit to prove-

Find my picture in Britannica next to the word truth-

Rays of sunshine fall sweet on me like doves wings- take this piece of bread and eat it

In remembrance of me- standing before you is evidence of things not seen -H-O-P- to the E


Now let me tell you about the Queen:

Ain’t finna rap about my Coochie coo- or what my mouth can do- ain’t finna show my ass cheeks

In knee high boots -and it’s not that I ain’t sexy -I’m just not hot for you -I’m a keep being me

and let my life tell my truth

I ain’t got shit to prove -‘cause I’ve been here before the ages  

Bringing ancestral cures- and wisdom from the sages -I want to live a life of purity

So I can- look in the mirror and be proud of me- I use my words to heal your wounds like an herb you’ve never heard of- cough and clear up your chest- breath- love- manifest

Call it Juju- or just old school- if you choose to -or if you need to pop a pill take your pick red or blue

I got the antidote -inoculate -clear that shit- out your throat- bring down the temperature- chill out    let it go- it’s cold in this world -don’t forget to grab your coat

Before it gets too real- and then you choke

get ready- get set- and let’s go- go- go -go- go—

get set- and let’s go- go- go- go- go –

get set- and let’s go -go- go -go -go -go- go- go

this one’s for the healers


-N’biyah Osunnike


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